November 07, 2009

What's healthcare alternative? HSA = FREEDOM

What's healthcare alternative? HSA plan that will cure Social Security & Medicare;will create capitalizm in Med.Market= FREEDOM
R. George
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Subject: This is it... KILL THE BILL!

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Pelosi is DESTROYING this country!!!

If you haven't yet heard, Nancy Pelosi is attempting to cram a healthcare bill through today for a vote. The vote is scheduled for 6:00 PM and it MUST be stopped!

Don't let these thugs do this to us on a weekend. Pick up your phone and make some calls!

Marion Berry, AR (202) 225-4076

Ross, AR (202) 225-3772

Snyder, AR (202) 225-2506

Salazar, CO (202) 225-4761

Boyd, FL (202) 225-5235

Kosmas, FL (202) 225-2706

Costello, IL (202) 225-5661

Halvorson, IL (202) 225-3635

Foster, IL (202) 225-2976

Ellsworth, IN (202) 225-4636

Hill, IN (202) 225-5315

Moore, KS (202) 225-2865

Chandler, KY (202) 225-4706

Kratovil, MD (202) 225-5311

Markey, MA (202) 225-2836

Peters, MI (202) 225-5802

Schauer, MI (202) 225-6276

Stupak, MI (202) 225-4735

Skelton, MO (202) 225-2876

Titus, NV (202) 225-3252

Teague, NM (202) 225-2365

McMahon, NY (202) 225-3371

Murphy, NY (202) 225-5614

Kissell, NC (202) 225-3715

McIntyer, NC (202) 225-2731

Pomeroy, ND (202) 225-2611

Dahlkemper, PA (202) 225-5406

Kanjorski, PA (202) 225-6511

Herseth-Sandlin, SD (202) 225-2801

Gordon, TN (202) 225-4231

Boucher, VA (202) 225-3861

Baird, WA (202) 225-3536

For Liberty,
Eric Odom

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What's healthcare alternative? HSA plan that will cure Social Security & Medicare;will create capitalizm in Med.Market; FREEDOM

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