November 26, 2010

National Inflation Assoc. New Video Goes Viral, "The Day the Dollar Died"

NIA's New Video Goes Viral
On Wednesday, November 24th, the National Inflation Association released a shocking and stunning video entitled, 'The Day the Dollar Died', which shows the world exactly what could happen to the U.S. economy in the very near future during the first 12 hours of a U.S. dollar collapse. Although the video itself is fictional, NIA believes a U.S. dollar collapse is inevitable and there is a strong likelihood that the U.S. will experience an outbreak of hyperinflation this decade. 'The Day the Dollar Died' is a wake up call for Americans who aren't yet stocking up on gold, silver and food supplies. The U.S. dollar's day of reckoning is coming and only Americans who prepare now will survive.
In just 42 hours since its release, 'The Day the Dollar Died' has already been viewed over 145,000 times on YouTube. It is currently YouTube's #1 top favorited news and politics video. Approximately 1,200 people have commented about the video on YouTube alone, with thousands of more comments having been made about the video on hundreds of Internet blogs that have featured it. An amazing 93.5% of those who have watched 'The Day the Dollar Died' have given it a thumbs up.
All of the discussion about 'The Day the Dollar Died' comes hot on the heels of NIA's October 31st release of its latest critically acclaimed full length documentary 'End of Liberty', which shows how Americans are rapidly losing their liberties and freedoms, and how our country is headed for a complete societal collapse. 'End of Liberty' has already received about 1/2 million views in less than one month.
On November 5th, NIA released a report with its projections for future U.S. food prices based on the recently announced $600 billion in quantitative easing by the Federal Reserve. Several days later, NIA's food inflation report was featured live on Fox News by Glenn Beck, who was recently ranked by Newsweek as the #2 most influential political figure in the country. On November 12th, NIA's President Gerard Adams was a guest on the Fox Business Network, where he spoke about the potential for food inflation to take over as America's biggest crisis in 2011.
NIA is not a political organization and does not support Republicans or Democrats. NIA exists solely for the purpose of educating Americans to the truth about the U.S. economy and inflation. Americans live in a country where 99% of those who studied economics in college were taught voodoo Keynesian economics.
Keynesian economists have the mistaken belief that all recessions are bad and must be suppressed by government interference in the free market. They believe that by the Federal Reserve manipulating interest rates to artificially low levels and printing trillions of dollars of fiat money out of thin air, they can create jobs, economic growth, and wealth. They believe that a little bit of inflation is good for an economy.
Keynesian economists fail to realize that when price inflation breaks out, it becomes impossible to contain unless interest rates are immediately raised to a level that is higher than the real rate of price inflation. Unfortunately, due to the current size and scope of our national debt and unfunded liabilities, NIA believes it will be impossible for the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates higher than the real rate of inflation. Real interest rates are likely to stay negative until the U.S. dollar collapses and is officially declared dead and worthless.
Gas and grocery bills for all Americans have been rising substantially in recent months. The average American has been seeing health insurance costs spiral out of control on an annual basis. Students have been suffering from college tuitions rising like there is no tomorrow. Massive price inflation is all around us, yet the mainstream media continues to ignore the truth and reports the government's phony CPI numbers as gospel.
Politicians in Washington from both sides of the aisle have been colluding with the media in order to brainwash Americans into believing inflation is not a problem and that their real fear should be deflation. Deflation is a good thing for middle class Americans because it means their money is worth more and their incomes and savings have more purchasing power. Inflation is only good for the politicians because it allows them to steal the wealth of middle class Americans and redistribute it to their banker friends on Wall Street who don't produce anything of real value.

There is no reason for a lawyer or banker to make more money than a farmer or factory worker. This is only made possible by the system we have today, where Americans get suckered into electing representatives who promise entitlements that the government can't afford without printing the money to pay for them. When the dollar bubble bursts and the system collapses, the free market will allow farmers and goods producers to become wealthy while lawyers and bankers go broke.
Most Americans are naive enough to believe that because the U.S. has survived for so long with such a huge national debt and continuous budget deficits, the country will be able to continue down this path forever without any consequences because after all, this is America we are talking about. The truth is, our national debt has grown by 70.7% over the past five years, compared to 41.8% during the previous five years, and 14.3% during the five years before that. Meanwhile, our GDP has grown by 17.9% over the past five years, compared to 27.5% during the previous five years, and 32.9% during the five years before that. We have gone from our GDP growing more than twice as fast as our debt, to our debt growing at nearly quadruple the speed of our GDP. A train wreck is getting ready to happen and this train wreck is literally unstoppable.
To watch 'The Day the Dollar Died' for free please visit the NIA video page at:
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    This has also been a very good year for the FairTax movement. The new FAST board (FairTax America Support Team) united our dedicated grassroots leaders around a common goal of passing the FairTax by 2013. The elections saw not one co-sponsor from the Republican or Democratic side be defeated and many more FairTax going to Washington for the first time. More Americans have heard about the FairTax than ever before and it seems the media are finally beginning to understand our cause. Just in the last couple of weeks the FairTax has been discussed at length three different times on TV and print media appearances are increasing as well.

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Deficit Puzzle: Where's the Fair Tax? -

 ...Among the common reader questions I didn't address in the article were these three:

 ...Why didn't we include the Fair Tax?

 The Fair Tax, as one of the Web sites promoting it explains, would replace "all federal income and payroll based taxes with an integrated approach including a progressive national retail sales tax."

We did include a national sales tax, but a much smaller one — one that would not raise nearly enough to replace the income tax. As I mentioned in this post, political viability was one factor in our decisions about what to include. Right now, the Fair Tax just does not garner much support from either Republicans or Democrats, in Congress or in other parts of government...

The Tax Code is the Key: Bring the FairTax to the Floor -

...In election cycles before 2010, opponents of the FairTax have been able to use candidates' support of the FairTax against them successfully. In 2010, that wasn't the case: In the races in which Democrats ran ads demonizing their Republican opponents' support of the FairTax, the ads didn't succeed...

It's clear that Congressman-Elect Rob Woodall will be the standard bearer in the new Congress. He says the discussions have started with leadership on the FairTax...

Woodall continued, "There has been a sense in the past that if you bring the FairTax to the floor and it fails, that it's somehow bad for the FairTax. I'm taking a different message up this year, which is, we need to vote on the FairTax. We need to understand where folks are, and failing to get a majority is not failure. That just tells you where it is you have to concentrate your efforts going forward." Woodall believe that the best plan is to bring the FairTax to the floor, to get members on record, and then to assess where things stand. No more "wink and a nod" pseudo-promises. Woodall wants a list of supporters who will be accountable for following through on their earlier representations...

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If everyone knew all there is to know, they would not do half the things they do, including myself, therefore I must foregive them, including myself.