February 10, 2010

Broke! Fixing America's fiscal crisis~What does @GovMikeHuckabee want?-CNNMoney~ FairTax v. VAT


NEW YORK (Fortune) -- This week, I posted a story on Fortune.com saying that a Value Added Tax is fast becoming the only option America has left to solve the current fiscal crisis. In the piece, I said that former Arkansas Governor and leading Republican presidential contender Mike Huckabee favors a VAT to replace the income tax.

I received numerous angry emails stating that the ex-governor advocates a solution called a "Fair Tax" that's quite different from a VAT....full article here

my comment:
Good to see this article.  It is one step towards liberty.  The VAT is poison in that it will add sales tax on top of what we already are paying.
The FairTax is not Governor Huckabee's plan, but the Governor is the smartest out there to embrace it.  FairTax is the creation of the top minds in America 20 years ago and it has had over 20 million dollars spent on analyzing it. 
When President Reagan gave us the Free Trade Policy, literally removing the closed boarder for trade, we left in place the convenient tax structure on production which is built into the cost of domestic manufacturing product.   Imports evade this tax, thus the great shift of manufacturing overseas.  We were ignorant to allow that to happen and those who took advantage of such action now have their business moved overseas and do not want it to be changed.
VAT leaves all the hidden tax in product, thus will do nothing to create jobs in America.  FairTax eliminates tax from domestic product and equals the Federal Tax on all products including imports.  It will create more jobs then one can imagine.  What a problem to have, employee led inflation.
VAT will further empower Washington DC , thus the very reason that the FairTax is the leading plank in their movement.  VAT will move our 37% of GDP taxation by DC to 50 to 60%.  It will further destroy our liberty and freedom. 
FairTax is an indirect tax that will empower we the people with our congress having to once again represent them and not the lobbyists who will have no business to bribe Congress with if the tax code is changed to the indirect tax of FairTax, a tax that our Founding Fathers insisted on to keep Government from becoming a Tyranny.  What we need to do is repeal all of the 1913 Congressional actions.
Also, the FairTax Act HR 25 and SR 296 demand the repeal of the 16th amendment within six years to remain the law of the land.  The FairTax structure itself is constitutional and may be passed by a simple Congressional vote.  The very reason for repealing the 16th amendment is to avoid the VAT.  The VAT would be the final death blow to our Constitution and the Sovereignty of the States powers.
With the Washington Federal powers changing their attitude to embracing Constitutional conduct and with the enactment of the FairTax Structure, America will once again become that Shining City on the Hill.

Americans United for Life- Healthcare Snowstorm Brewing...


for Life


Here in the Washington, DC area, we have found ourselves in the midst of a storm some around here have called the "snowpocalypse." It's been difficult to get around and today we have even more snow on the way. Well, with every difficulty, there is always a hidden blessing.

Partly because of the snow, nearly 107 million people tuned in to watch the Super Bowl – making it the most watched TV program in US history.

And, thanks to the vision of our friends at Focus on the Family, 107 million Americans had the opportunity to view the much-anticipated Tebow commercial. When I saw the ad, I had the same reaction I am guessing you had – I couldn't believe how much controversy had been created by the pro-abortion groups. This ad was an understated and appropriate celebration of life, and I am personally grateful to Focus on the Family.

I want to thank you for joining the Facebook campaign "Support Tebow's Super Bowl Ad", which AUL Action created in partnership with LifeNews.com, as the pro-abortion lobby worked overtime to prevent the commercial from airing. A stunning 260,000 of you signed up to say "yes" to free speech and "no" to censorship. AUL Action's effort was profiled in The Washington Examiner, The New York Times, USA Today, The Los Angeles Times, and on numerous social media sites like Mashable.

Thank you for your overwhelming show of support.

Finally, as we anticipate today's latest snowstorm in Washington, DC, there is a political storm brewing here. I am sure you have heard that the Administration and leaders in Congress are signaling that they want to launch a new, bi-partisan effort to pass healthcare reform legislation. Unfortunately, it seems this new effort may simply be an attempt to find another way to push for the same old, pro-abortion health care bill.

A health care bill that includes public funding for abortion is unacceptable, no matter how you repackage and remarket it to the American people. Our team is working around the clock to make sure that we can provide you – and our leaders on Capitol Hill – with the very best information and analysis on health care and abortion as this new situation develops.

Thank you for all that you continue to do for Life.

For Life,   

Charmaine Yoest


Charmaine Yoest, Ph.D.
President & CEO

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Unfortunately, it seems this new effort may simply be an attempt to find another way to push for the same old, pro-abortion health care bill.