November 23, 2009

A time to give a FairTax thanks

Americans For Fair Taxation
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Subject: A time to give thanks

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Your FairTax National Victory Campaign is underway!

Join the fight for the FairTax today!We reached our goal of $250,000 to launch your FairTax National Victory Campaign to pass your FairTax in Congress. Your fellow supporters stepped up as never before to make this launch possible. Now we are going all the way, non-stop, until the FairTax is passed into law.

I invested $200 before asking anything of any other supporter. That's a lot for me and twice as much as I asked anyone to give. You know the more cold hard cash we have, the more of the 140 million+ American voters we can reach.

And beating the Special Interests will not be easy---you know that's a fact!

I am sure you want the FairTax to pass in Congress and become law. You want to abolish the income tax, capital gains, Social Security, death taxes and all the rest or you would not be signed up as a FairTax supporter. Right?

I also appreciate the many people who have stepped up and given their personal time and effort to support the FairTax. I hope you can also give a little financial help to your FairTax National Victory Campaign. But so many emails, so little time…right?

If that is the reason, save your eyes click here and invest now.

For sure you want to create the generation-long economic boom in the United States which will be created by the FairTax. Economists have estimated that at least $11 trillion will "come home" to the U.S. which is currently in offshore banks and investments—put there to avoid personal, corporate, capital gains and estate taxes. You want to create this huge economic boom, I am sure of it. So that is not the reason I have not heard from you.

And of course you want illegally-received payments, such as those received by drug dealers and others in the black market economy, to be taxed. You know the FairTax will tax everyone when they choose to spend their money, no matter how successfully they have been hiding their income…since income will no longer be the basis for taxation. So that is not the reason.

Join the fight for the FairTax today!You are most certainly not a special interest lobbyist or other member of the privileged Political Class, or you would not be a FairTax supporter. If you were a special interest lobbyist or a member of the elite Political Class, you would be earning your income and avoiding taxation by manipulating the 67,500+ page income tax code to your personal benefit. So that's not it.

You would love the see taxes cut, which will be possible while maintaining vital programs, with the economic boom, taxation of illegal income and the end of every tax loophole created by special interests. So that is not it.

And I am pretty sure you want a simple, understandable tax system at long last. There are so many extraordinarily good reasons to support your National Campaign for passage of the FairTax!

So, please invest in your National Campaign for the FairTax right now, click here.

These are difficult times; many do not have the budgets they once did. That stack of unpaid bills must come first—I understand that pressure only too well. So how can I even ask? Because our country desperately needs the FairTax. The economic decline, the mounting debt, the havoc income taxes create, the jobs which are lost…in a sense, as hard as it is to do so, I MUST ask! It would be wrong not to ask.

This is the big one. This is the drive to win passage of your FairTax and put our country back on the right track. The economy being so bad actually has one bit of a silver lining: Americans want to do something that will put us back on track as a country. So, if we have the ability to reach out effectively to America's 140 million or so voters, we will get the support we need to win.

How do we do that? There is only one way I know: with cold hard cash. That's why we are launching big online, on the telephones, in the mail—we are even working a plan which may get us started right away on TV, the most expensive of all communication mediums but the one that reaches the most voters the quickest.

If you can't afford a contribution to us, I certainly understand. Thank you for even considering it during these hard times. Maybe a smaller investment is possible for you—and given the stakes for the country, I have to ask.

So here is what I propose. Invest $25 today!

Click right here, right now to invest $25 now.

Give $100 and receive The FairTax SolutionWatch your FairTax National Victory Campaign develop, it will begin this month. If you like what you see, and you choose to invest a total of another $75 during the campaign, the FairTax organization will still send you a personally signed copy of my newest book, The FairTax Solution.

More importantly, you will be making a real contribution to the passage of your FairTax, by doing your part to fund the launch of your FairTax National Victory Campaign.

With the help of you and your fellow FairTax supporters we can begin to sweep the nation for your FairTax.

I know that you may have already invested your time and passion for the FairTax for which I am very grateful. But we've been working for 15 years mostly on passion and belief and, honestly, it's not enough. Millions of your neighbors must join this campaign to overcome the "fortress" of corrupt self-interest that now protects the income tax code in Washington.

It means that we must recruit—not thousands, not even tens of thousands—but millions of your fellow Americans and it just can't be done without a more powerful FairTax education, recruitment and advocacy campaign than has ever been undertaken before. Even a small contribution will really help right now.

Just to make this an irresistible (I hope!) offer we will provide you with your 2009-2010 Membership in your FairTax organization with just a $25 investment now.

And you still will have the opportunity to earn your personally signed 1st edition copy of my newest book, The FairTax Solution, if you decide later to invest another $75 in your FairTax National Victory Campaign Fund.

But you can decide on the other $75 later, I am only asking you to commit $25 now. You can make a final decision after you see watch your National FairTax Victory Campaign develop.

Of course, it would be fantastic if you could see your way clear to invest $100 now. That would move us closer to our National Campaign launch goal four times faster; I could reserve your 1st Edition copy of The FairTax Solution for your now, fill my ink pen and get my writing hand in shape to sign one of the first ones off the press for you personally.

Click here to invest.

Thank you so very much.

Urgently yours,

Ken Hoagland
FairTax Director of Communications


If you would prefer sending a check or credit card contribution by mail, please download and print our contribution form here.

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