February 12, 2010

FairTax Friday | To Save the Nation~What went wrong with the American dream?



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FairTax bus at U.S. CapitolTo Save the Nation

As the nation drowns in a sea of red ink, more and more and more citizens of all political affiliations are asking "what went wrong with the American dream?"

From coast to American coast, and driven by necessity, the American people are awakening to the need to wrest control of our destiny from those who advance their political fortunes at the cost of the genius of the American spirit of innovation, hard work, independence and liberty. There is a dawning realization among a rapidly growing number of citizens that the solution waits in FairTax legislation, HR25, which does more to shift power from government to the citizen than any other single change since the founding of the nation.

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Question of the Week

How many people do you know that have not heard about the FairTax from you?

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Last week, we asked which of the following you would most like to see in the FairTax campaign:

  • Television and radio ads
  • A march on Washington
  • More FairTax rallies
  • The FairTax bus on the road again

Here are the results:

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FairTax News

Webinar: Understanding the FairTax webinar for March 2010

Special Topic: Comparing the FairTax to the Flat Tax

WHEN: Thursday Mar. 25, 2010

TIME: 8 to 8:45pm Eastern Time, 7 to 7:45pm Central, 6 to 6:45 Mountain, 5 to 5:45 Pacific

WHERE: Your home, your Personal Computer

WHY:To provide an interactive forum for people who cannot get to local meetings to learn about the FairTax and to present Special Topics that are frequently misunderstood or not generally discussed. Education is the weapon of the FairTax grassroots organizations and we are Educating the Nation on the web.

Join Marc Manieri, Americans for Taxation Community Coordinator in the Greater Orlando, Florida Area. Marc's webinars are drawing national participation from seasoned FairTax supporters as well as those just getting started as a supporter. We help build the knowledge base of those on the front lines as well as those wanting to know what the FairTax is about. We educate candidates and sitting Congressional Representatives on the merits of the FairTax.

Many participants have asked Marc if the presentation is available to them.The answer is yes.Marc sends an email to each participant following the webinar. Just reply asking for the Power Point presentation and notes.Marc will email it to you.

To participate it is necessary to pre-register at this web link

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Did You Know?

More than a billion dollars a year is spent lobbying the tax code. Washington lobbyists are so successful as tax lobbyists that the hallway outside the House Ways and Means Committee room is called, "Gucci Gulch" because of the expensive shoes typically worn there. Tax committee staff and retired or defeated members can see six and seven figure "signing bonuses" when they move from Capitol Hill to a "K St" tax lobby firm. The FairTax end this corruption by closing all the loopholes.

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As the nation drowns in a sea of red ink, more and more and more citizens of all political affiliations are asking "what went wrong with the American dream?"

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