August 09, 2010

MUST SEE Video~ Very Telling Footage..& Washington Is Paying Attention. |FairTax Pls


Date: Mon, 9 Aug 2010 23:21:40 -0400
Subject: Very Telling Footage... and Washington Is Paying Attention.

This is an amazing little inteview with a Billionaire who slams washington -- he says China's more stable & is moving 1/2 his business there!!  Please take a minute to watch this & Pass it on!

This is important information from one of the wealthiest and most powerful businessmen in America .  How pathetic is it that he and others are finding it necessary to move their business out of the country - and can you blame them? 
What's equally amazing is that CNBC actually aired this... CNBC, one of the White House's favorite propaganda machines!   It was not even 2 hours after Steve Wynn's interview that he received an invitation from the tenants at 1600 Pennsylvania Boulevard , Washington , DC , 20500 wanting him to explain in person why he said what he said!!!

Below is a short interview with Steve Wynn. Some of you know of him.  He's a Multi- Bill ionaire, Hotelier and Real Estate Investor in Las Vegas , Asia and Macau . He's been a guest from time to time on all the network financial news programs.
If you listen to this recent CNBC interview (short & to the point) and nothing else today, you will be better informed than your neighbor about the state of the union.

I would suggest sharing this with your children, your neighbors, and colleagues so they know what to expect once they're faced with the results.


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