August 09, 2010

Detroit FP-'Mich. primary was unusual business as usual' |~Party Shannanigans


Posted: Aug. 8, 2010

Mich. primary was unusual business as usual

fighting chance in the fall. And he'll fight.
Now to win a Republican primary, conventional wisdom says you have to tack hard right, then move to the center (with a wink) to win in the fall.
Not so for Rick Snyder, the Ann Arbor businessman who openly appealed for moderates and, good heavens, Democrats, to come his way in the GOP primary and won the five-man field with a solid margin in what was supposed to be a three-way squeaker.
Snyder even eschewed most of the GOP debates in favor of open-to-all town hall meetings in every corner of the state. He passed up some key endorsement interviews (which of course you can afford to do when you have millions of your own dollars to pour into your campaign) and presented himself as more of an independent thinker than a rock-ribbed Republican.

Read more: Ron Dzwonkowski: Mich. primary was unusual business as usual | | Detroit Free Press
My comment:
Here is two tweets on the numbers for the GOP Gov race in Mi. The number of democrats who voted int eh primary was about a quarter of the GOP and it is due to the open primary ballot, both on the same sheet.  We need to go back to the closed 90 days before vote party designation voting:

#Mi- Migop votes 4 MiGov Unoffic SOS: Total % @RickForMI 36% @petehoekstra 27% @Mike_Cox 23% @Bouchardforgov 12% George 2%. Where is winner?
#Mi- Migop votes 4 MiGov Unoffic SOS: Total 1,047,048 @RickForMI 381.. @petehoekstra 280.. @Mike_Cox 240.. @Bouchardforgov 127.. George 15..
As to Washington, Obama has the privilege of being the one to push full tilt on the accelerator for the New World Order. Why else would they inflate an already ponsied Dollar?  We have given away our manufacturing and can't even build a tractor any more.  Free trade under old and current tax system put a 22% excise tax on American made goods distributing our industrial base around the world. will answer your questions and the going fundamentally by the Constitution will cure your question of losing your Liberty and Freedom.
As to the Mi Governors GOP Race, the MRP State Convention should hold an vote for governor, just like the Secretary of State and Attorney General Race is because of not obtaining 50% of the vote.
Michigan needs a closed primary 90 day membership ballot for primaries.

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