August 10, 2010

RE: 'Fair Tax' | An opinion ripe on truth, all but for the FairTax Truth. Constitutionist Conduct & #FairTax Pls

 This guy makes a great compelling argument for bringing about Constitutional spending at the federal level.  Fairtax is not of that vein, but a way to make our import export more equitable for the American worker to have a good job. His ideas are effective as well, but sometimes the mule is so far down the trail it takes time to wake it up & trail back onto the straight and narrow..
Constitutional conduct and FairTax pls.
R. George Dunn

Subject: 'Fair Tax'
Date: Tue, 10 Aug 2010 10:10:14 -0400

'Fair Tax' Is A Trap Demand NO Vote On HR 25

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