May 03, 2012

America once again at a Generational Crossroad

Amy Walker~
Now this is leadership we need NOW in America! "This country has to get back to a fundamental belief that our liberty comes from GOD, and therefore we have an obligation to GOD to be good citizens. And we have to recognize that a free country requires free people who stand on their own two feet, have a good work ethic, take care of each other when necessary, come together as a community when necessary, but in the end it's up to us, as individual Americans, to come together to create a better America. It's not up to the government to try to impose on us the government's version of a better America. And I think it is very important to recognize the very base of our liberty is that we are endowed by our creator with certain unalienable rights—nobody can take them away from us—the only country in the world that says that your personal sovereignty comes GOD and then you loan power to the state—which means in the end—every American is always morally responsible for the future of America. You can't give that away—you can't turn it to Obama—you can't give it to the next Republican. In the end, 305 million people have a moral responsibility to GOD to remain the freest country in the world."—Newt Gingrich
And before we(out of many, One) do anything, we need to ask what will it do to the children~

"What Americans need to do is Yank the Chain (of Government), and do it real quick and do it real hard," Governor Huckabee.

"The base of our Liberty is we are endowed by our Creator...305 million American People, each have a responsibility to God," Newt.

When we elected Governor Reagan to office, he knew and was able to say, "In this Springtime of hope, some lights seem eternal.  America's is!"  Is the strength of America still in Her People?
 Is God still in Her People?
Constitutional Conduct, FairTax and second to none, be ye Righteous~

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