March 14, 2010

Huckabee's Call Congress Now and Tax Revolt

Huckabee's Call Congress Now and Tax Revolt

Governor Mike Huckabee has set up a new website to assist Americans in their fight against the government takeover of health care which is set to be voted on in a few days.  His website gives the phone numbers of every U.S. Congressman and Senator in an easy to use form for calling.

His website reads: full article here


  1. Vote 'NO' on health care bill. If you do, your vote, otherwise, will be a 'death nail' for being re-elected and harmful to Americans. R.S. Smith, Bellingham, WA.

  2. The American people have spoken for one year, we DO NOT want any 2700 page bill forced down our throats. Break the bill up in small sections and COMPLETE one section before going to the next! What a novel idea! If this goes through many of you will be among the unemployed Americans come November.

  3. We DO NOT want this legislation. If you continue down the path of passing this reform it will mark the beginning of a serious divide in this country. Most voting in favor will lose their seats in congress and will need to find a new career after you let down this nation with a cowardly vote. Like a bee that stings once. This will be your final stand.

  4. I am FURIOUS with D.C IDIOTS! Nancy, and Harry REFUSE TO LISTEN. I am not stupid, and for them to say in 8yrs, we will be better off B.S noone knows what will happen tomorrow. I recall these idiots, and Obama running to bailout wallstreet "NOONE SEEN THAT COMING DID THEY?" When it comes to major bills, laws ect.. let we the people come out to do the voting. I hate those in Washington that DO NOT STAND ON THEIR WORD, but are bought like hookers with sweet deals... LISTEN UP CONGRESS you better believe that being loyal to your party is CRAP! Do your freakin job for ONCE and listen to the PEOPLE... JOBS, JOBS, JOBS. Congress went along with Clinton on NAFTA, and LOOK what happened. Will you ever listen??

  5. Nancy and the President need to go see a head shrink. If this bill passes this country is going to go down hill fast. I want to llive in a free country and not become another Russia. It is time to clean house in November and get them all out who have been then there more and two terms. As far as the President, I think he should be impeached.

  6. This is a time when you people in Congress better look behind you because there is a crowb of voters looking for a change in Congress. I am starting a drive on term limits for both houses of Congress. Think twice before you vote on the hc bill

  7. Do not vote "yes" on Obama's healthcare bill. Do not jeoperdize the future of our kids, grandkids, and future generations. Do not vote for a take over of our medical care. Medical decisions should be between me and my doctor of my choice. Do not pass all of the taxes and fees that go along with this bill. Do not vote on a bill that has special previsions for your state. You will be defeated in the 2010 elections if you vote "yes" on any bills that raise our taxes. You are ruining our capitalist system if you put the American people further into debt. Let America be the greatest country on earth as it has in the past.

  8. When I google it says service not available. What's going on?

  9. Stop those Stalin's, Mao's, Chavez's followers rushing to impossing dictatorship on us FREE American people.Vote NO for that health care disaster

  10. Say NO! Stop the insanity!
    I'd love to have someone explain to me how congress can breach the constitution.
    "Better off in 8 YEARS" - NOT.... they (goverment) must really think us as stupid.
    How can elected officials make decisions for OBAMA HEALTHCARE when they have lifetime healthcare because they served in public office as elected officials. Officials, you should get what your voting for.
    Suggestion: Find the largest, most successful business in the US and hire that CEO, CFO, COO to make take charge because the goverment can't.


    Whatever happened to the president's (I use that word lucratively) promise on JOBS?


  11. I am one of the uninsured and am totally against this so called Health care bill. God gave us free will, not the government! Vote NO or I will do everything in my power to make sure all the congress people have no future in my government.
    PS. the link is

  12. Can it finally be said that Nikita Kruschev was right? The communists are winning without firing a shot. This putrid excuse of a bill being ballyhooed as "Health Care" is nothing more than redistribution of wealth. The objective of the dummycrats is to build their base of uninformed, ignorant freeloaders to keep democrats in office so they can line their pockets.

    It would be nice if the bill addressed the most significant part of the healthcare problem... ambulance chasing lawyers. But noooo, that would be asking crooks to penalize other crooks. May God bring about the ultimate defeat of this great threat to our country.

  13. My name is Fred. I live in Florida.
    I say no to Obama care and I will do everything in my power to see that any/all Florida representatives who vote yes on this bill will lose their jobs in November.

  14. This has been the worst presidential administration that I can remember in my lifetime. I feel our country is taking a beating like never before. And that beating will continue on our children, their children, and so on. This administration will drive our beloved country into a grave it may not be able to climb out of, simply because someone wants to leave behind a legacy. Vote NO on Health Care for the sake of our country whose coffers are already running low. Vote No on Health Care for the sake of your children and their children and their children. Wake up Washington. It's not all about you.

  15. If Nancy and Barack's health care bill passes life as we know it in our country ends...I am a senior and am completely happy with my health insurance thru my employment...I do not want someone making my decisions for me, health care or anything else. The ones who want to pass this bill so badly already have insurance thru their positions in the gov. Right ? So it is no worry for them !!!!!!!

  16. Please say no to the Obama Care bill, I am sure that this President is socialist and has his own agenda remember that this is America our freedon is in jepardy. This President is very dangerous, He wants us to become socialist and it looks like he is not alone in his thoughts. many people will leave America if things continue as they have been President Obama should be Impeached before he has a chance to do any more damage.

    Walker, in Maryland

  17. I have tried over & over to call someone..every mail box is full and no one will answer any phones. How can we as Americans get our opinion to these people.

  18. TO: Ohio' Congressional delegation.

    Those of you who vote "For" this aberration might as well move to another State if you want to stay in politics.
    JIM H.

  19. There are red flags going up all around this "RUSH" for a Sunday vote. Obama is trying to cram this down our throats and I am ashamed to say I voted for him. I will not make that mistake again. We need to let our voices be heard America and scream "NO" to this as loud as we can. If it goes thru we need to send a message to all those in office that voted Yes to send them packing and let them be unemployed.

  20. NO to the health care bill. No to 'big brother'. No to more government invasion of my life. NO to higher taxes. OBAMA-what about NO don't you understand? The people of this country who actually voted for you are finally on to you. I can only hope it is not too late. You have sorely underestimated the power of the majority.

  21. Honestly, i'm scared. I don't understand how the president of the united states doesn't want to listen to what "the people" are screaming at him. Personally, i'm still a teen and have been recently introduced to all of this polotics and stuff; but, if you ask me, wasn't presedent obama giving speeches about us being one country and how he's gona listen to us "we the people" and all of that. If this bill was going to be a big blessing to America, it wouldn't be so hard to pass. They wouldn't have to use all of these backdoors and forms of deception. I was never for obama (and i'm not blaming him for everything), but i almost always enjoy all of the inspiring words he said; now... i don't know what's gona happen next. From what i know about this, please, please, please say NO!!! :-(

  22. It is not about health care, it is about government control and the money they will control. Dictator Obama wants to make the United States and third world country....

  23. Majority means nothing to these egotistical idiots running the government. I did not vote for them. Only one Democrat that I have voted for, for several years, Peter DeFazio from Oregon. Yesterday he was voting NO on the HC, today he changed his mind. I WILL NOT vote for any Democrat in Nov. I pray that they all get kicked out of office. They thought George Bush was bad, be careful what you asked for or you might get it and they have got it, big time! I doubt if this country will survive this mess.

  24. Being THE leader of the teaparty I was thinking what to do if they do get Bamacare past.
    It will raise such a ruckus that maybe it'll sweep all the progresives out all together.
    If it does pass we have to use a technique that the very progrssive Rahm Emanuel suggested:
    "Never Let A Serious Crisis Go To Waste."
    This will activate many more people into the tea party, and we surely should start working on getting rid
    of other progressive ways in our government that go back at least a century.
    This means we have to stay on it.
    We do have the perfect mechanism for this built into the government, we just have to keep the right people
    in it. We have to remember that left leaning progressives lead to communism, while right leaning progrssives
    lead us to fascism (Nazis).
    We need to eliminate progressive Ideas from the federal governament(i.e. we need to get back to a small central
    For me they would control national defence and a very little interstate commerice.
    We could not just make those changes 'right now', it took a over a hundred years to get here,
    it'll probably take even longer to back out of all the damage that was done, plus there will be more
    resistance from the progressives to get there than they got from the rest of us getting here.
    It may need several hundred years to succeed, that is the dedecation we need to keep from the slavery
    they will put us though if we don't stop them.
    In their fullness both communism and fascism is marked my a lot of mass murder by the government, and a
    complete breakdown in the end.
    The Chinese have a creeping capitalism going on, so they may excape the disasterous downfall the Germany and
    Russia found (Note how many very rich Russians there were when the USSR fell! (so much for the worker's paradise))
    The Chinese had their killing splurges before Nixon when over there.
    After centuries, the Roman empire fell because of their entitlement programs were taking so much money they
    could no longed defend their borders.
    We have to make sure our schools teach this because we need them to carry on for us.


  26. I am from Alabama and I say PLEASE vote NO on this bill. The American people have been speaking and you need to listen to us instead of Nancy. We do NOT want a 2700 page bill that NO ONE has read in it's entirity. Please do not shove this down our throats. What is happening to "We the People" Please do not take away our freedom!!! put this on the ballot and let EACH and EVERY American vote INSTEAD of Congress. We WILL vote EACH and EVERY one of you OUT of office.

  27. INTERESTING I have NOT seen ONE person suggest a YES vote!!!!!!

  28. We do NOT agree to this Health care bill that they want to go through.
    I do not know any one in my Church group that wants you to vote yes on this. VOTE NO NO NO.

  29. I am so frightered for my children and grandchioldren. It is a sad sad sAD WORLD IF THIS HEALTH CARE IS PASSED. iT IS AGAINST EVERYTHING THAT WILL HELP OUR COUNTRY GROW AND BE GREAT.


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