March 14, 2010

'One-On-One' w/ Mike Huckabee-1 Hr Chat in 8 segments~Foxnews life/politcs character...

Clip a video coming soon:
WV- Decision-Makers 1 on 1 w/ @GovMikeHuckabee via-@HuckNews: WTRF ~Fireside chat~Mike's youth to USA future.  Contains 8 eight minute segments. Very good~
One-On-One with Mike Huckabee
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This week host Bray Cary welcomes former Arkansas governor and presidential candidate Mike Huckabee.

This week on Decision Makers, former governor of Arkansas and presidential candidate Mike Huckabee comes to the mountain state and sits down with host Bray Carey for a candid interview. Huckabee comes to Decision Makers to discuss his transition from journalism to becoming a minister and entering the world of politics. He talks to Bray about several issues including health care, education and the potential of a huge shift of voter outcry in the next election.

Mike Huckabee, Segment 1

7 more segments here

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