March 11, 2010

We have paid NAFTA cost, don't stop now, but fix it with

A Great Lakes Bay Region congressman has introduced legislation to repeal the North American Free Trade Agreement.

U.S. Rep. Bart Stupak, D-Menominee, whose sprawling district includes part of Bay County, has joined with two Democrats and a Republican to overturn the controversial pact that eliminated tariffs between the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Because of the deep national recession, Stupak sees an opportunity to strike now, although he admits the bill faces an uphill fight.

"Tell me somewhere NAFTA created a job," he said. "You're not going to find very many. Tell me where people have lost jobs because of NAFTA, and you'll find thousands of them."

my comment:
Fix the Tax structure that has hindered us since President Reagan gave us free trade.  We of USA has our federal taxes built into the price of product providing imports with a 22% advantage in sales. FairTax will balance that by lowering product cost and equally taxing imports and domestic production.
 It is a no brainer.  What is stopping it in Congress is the greed to keep the incumbent campaign fund tool alive and well, the IRS code. Reagan gave us a somewhat flattax and it has been amendment over 1,200 times since.  Flat income tax plan is more of the same Nationalist empowerment that is killing the USA.  FairTax will return the lobby system to it's pure form, lobbying on true principles, not greed.
Constitutional conduct and FairTax please.

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