April 01, 2009

On the table now, everything or nothing, Constitution or no Constitution. Time for a Constitutional Crisis Convention

Our Nation is in Constitutional Crisis and said crisis is being ignored by those responsible, both Parties and the bureaucracy.  Why?  No one can afford to challenge the Constitutionality as the Courts have determined only those who are a victim may challenge, thus the blocking is done.  It is the responsibility of any officer who took an oath of Office to file a complaint with either the U.S. Supreme Court or with the U.S. Marshall's office.   If either deny plausibility of providing you as an elected or appointed official under oath, it is your duty to make this know to those Representing you and to those whom you are serving under oath , the people.  Nice thing about this Revolution.  The Law is our weapon of choice and the vote.
This is a subject that must not be ignored nor shall continue to ignore, the unconstitutional spending.  We are not the world reserve, are we?  If so, then maybe we need a penitence from all Nation,s for the Security around the World.  Nope, unconstitutional, bring those troops home from WW2, Korean, etc.,  No?  Best be prepared to answer where from the constitution this authority comes from.  Everything is on the table now, everything or nothing.  Constitution or no Constitution.  If you think it is too dangerous now to challenge, wait till it is too late! 
We are in Constitutional Crisis and no one is saying so.  The Crisis must be taken on by the only Power not yet totally corrupted, the Fifty States can call and CONTROL a Constitutional Crisis Convention, NOW!  To wait is to lose our liberty and freedom as an individual, as a State, as a Nation, as a Family of Nations.
R. George Dunn
Northern Light 

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