March 03, 2010

New Book~ 'FairTax Solution' by Ken Hoagland-best path to a new era of growth

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Subject: George - The FairTax Solution by Ken Hoagland

George –


What if the federal income tax was completely abolished and April 15 became just another spring day? And what if this radical change would actually have a positive impact on our economy, political process, and society – without hurting essential government spending?


In THE FAIRTAX SOLUTION (on-sale March 8), leading FairTax advocate Ken Hoagland shows how the current tax system has crippled our economy and undermined the American dream. In the century since its creation, the federal income tax has grown into a monster, jeopardizing the well-being of our citizens and businesses as well as the very foundations of our democracy.


The FairTax is a flat sales tax on all new goods and services. As revolutionary as it is simple, it's based on the common sense idea that the federal government should stop taxing what goes INTO our economy—earnings and investments—and start taxing what comes OUT: consumption. This would actually generate MORE revenue while encouraging growth, mitigating political corruption, and fostering a healthier relationship between Americans and their government.


Hoagland's clear and compelling analysis shows exactly why the FairTax would be so good for the country.


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Please let me know if you're interested in receiving a copy or would like to speak with the author.




Christy D'Agostini

Sentinel/Penguin Group (USA)



Advance Praise for THE FAIRTAX SOLUTION:


"The income tax has penalized the success of hardworking Americans and damaged our economy for far too long. Hoagland describes the shortest and best path to a new era of growth and the restoration of the American dream."

            —Mike Huckabee


"Hoagland makes crystal clear the danger of keeping hidden the true linkage between government spending and each citizen's earnings. This book makes obvious that without the Fair Tax, the United States will never bring the spending profligacy of representative government under control."

            —Former U.S. Senator Mike Gravel (D-AK)


"Hoagland writes convincingly for the national tax policy change that, with passage, will do more for American liberty, economic healing and common sense than any other single piece of legislation."

            —Neal Boortz, nationally syndicated talk show host


"I appreciate all of the hard work and dedication Ken has put into advocating for the FairTax.  This would give families the freedom to choose how much to pay in taxes and would bring fairness and simplicity to our unwieldy and bureaucratic tax code – that's what taxpayers deserve."

            —U.S. Senator Saxby Chambliss (R-GA), lead sponsor of the FairTax in the U.S. Senate



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