March 02, 2010

In Michigan: Our "Kitchen" is On Fire! Let's Put It Out, & Make PERMANENT RENOVATIONS!

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Subject: In Michigan: Our "Kitchen" is On Fire! Let's Put It Out, and Make PERMANENT RENOVATIONS!

Get aggressively involved in ensuring a ballot vote for the MI FairTax:

• Ends gov't "paying itself first" via wage withholding
• Stops saddling business with tax collections (it passes through to us in higher prices)
• Pays for gov't, only as we bless our families with purchases
• Makes our true tax burden visible, by taxing us directly
• Un-taxes resident MI families' poverty-level spending with a monthly cash prebate
• Prebate reduces 9.75% rate to 2.7% (avg) "effective rate" (median stat on family of four)
• Decreases points of collection by 90%
• CAPS LANSING' SPENDING DOLLARS! (indexed for population growth, and inflation)
• Pressures the tax rate downwards, as the economy experiences rapid growth
• Makes MICHIGAN NO. 1 FOR JOBS! Businesses will flock to our shores.

Enacting the MI FairTax means:
• NO MORE income tax filings (personal or business)
• NO MORE loopholes (tax code GONE, together with lobbyists who game it)
• NO MORE hidden business-tax pass-throughs in higher prices to consumers

How can ANYONE support arguments AGAINST these features?

Taxing corporations = hidden taxes in higher consumer prices, damaged economy, lost jobs.
Hidden taxes = slavery of people who are "in the dark" that they're being bled, and thus they take NO action in revolt. 

The powers that be want us "dumbed down," and kept that way. 
They keep funding "educational programs" so that citizens can find a job amidst a DECLINING JOB MARKET - how SANE is THAT? 

Government - at ALL levels - are taking a HIT on income taxes, because Jobs are going, but still - their POWER AND CONTROL is more important to them THAN REALITY!!

And if you think it's bad in MICHIGAN, it's darn near HOPELESS, nationally.  How long can you support "political power and control" with "paper money" backed by nothing (because America's productive capacity has been undermined by a Wall St-Washington cadre of elites)?

Wake up, then wake up citizens.  Get aggressive. Throw off the INCOME TAX - and the slavery it represents:  WE GO TO WORK EVERY DAY, SO THEY "TAKE theIRS FIRST - withholding our money from us. 

Support the MI FairTax with your DOLLARS.  Schedule a meeting and have MFTA provide a speaker for your assembly.

It is UP TO US to throw off this tyranny.

Daar Fisher
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Beware Little Fox 8.  Be powerful . . . ACT.

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