March 02, 2010

Contract From America article on why the suppression of FairTax from the CPAC10 release


Our nation faces many important issues, of which the Contract from America will offer a handful of actionable solutions that can reasonably and immediately be addressed by those who seek to represent Americans in Congress.

For many Americans, the need for fundamental tax reform is front and center. They recognize our tax system has evolved into an unfair punitive government mechanism to redistribute wealth and serve special interests.

Many interesting ideas, including the FairTax and the flat tax, have been offered as potential solutions to our broken tax system. At first glance, some of these ideas reflect competing interests. However, the common goal and first priority of those interests should be to raise the profile of the need for fundamental tax reform, sustain a national dialogue on the issue, and allow various solutions to compete with one another in the marketplace of ideas. Those ideas will rise and fall based on the merits, with the very best ideas naturally rising to the top.

Importantly, FairTax is a founding coalition partner of the Contract from America. Based on survey responses, comments on the original Contract from America site, and discussions with Neal Boortz and Ken Hoagland, we agreed to unite behind the notion of fundamental tax reform broadly and deal with the FairTax / flat tax debate once fundamental tax reform is squarely on the national agenda.

What about all of the support for the FairTax during the early stages of the Contract from America initiative? Why isn't the FairTax or the flat tax specifically mentioned in the current choices on the Contract from America?...full article here

my comment:
Nice try in covering up your Nationalist agenda in support of the income flat tax.  Every question had the same opportunity for actions you seem to conclude that FairTax supporters cheated in pushing the FairTax to a 2 to 1 lead over every question.  And the Flat tax did not get out of the basement with hardly any support.
The backlash on this very troubling action has been tremendous and an eye opener.  For a Website that propounds the grassroots right to speak up and bring forth their proposals and to politically manipulate the data to fit your agenda is just what to expect from the DC Shadow. 
There is not one word of apology in this remark nor is there any honesty.  To put the flat tax into the same camp of the FairTax either means you know nothing about the FairTax or your very ambition is to protect the current corruption in DC to which the lobbyist run Congress will not go away.  A flat income tax is just a protective measure by those who support it after gaining the truth. 
When President Reagan gave us free trade, we had and have a tax system based on closed borders to which for convenience, all our federal tax is collected within the price of product.  How can the USA compete with foreign imports with such a handicap.  How can anyone knowing this, respect the income flat tax, especially with the evidence of President Reagan's flat tax enactment being amendment over 1,200 times. 
To ask us to trust DC is like saying, "if we adjust what we pay into Social security, it will keep it solvent."  Income Flat tax is our enemy to Constitutional conduct and to making We the People those whom Congress holds allegiance to, not the lobbyist bribes.

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