March 03, 2010

Gov Perry acceptance speech he spoke of States Powers and “taking our country back.”

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Michael LeCornec sent a message to the members of National Nullification of
Unconstitutional Federal Actions.

Subject: Hold Texas Governor Perry Accountable in 2010

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The Texas primary results are in and its Rick Perry for Governor. He was not
on board with Nullification and Right to Recall during his primary campaign,
but in his acceptance speech he spoke of States Powers and "taking our
country back." Let's put him to the test on that.

His opponent for Governor this November is Bill White and we are certain
that he will be more of the same Washington inside politics and it is up to
all Texans to guarantee that will never happen. It will be up to us to see
that Governor Perry lays out his plan for restoring Texas to the position
our forefathers envisioned under our Constitutional Republic. Governor Perry
needs to commit that Texas will demand that our federal government adhere to
the United States Constitution's demand for a small limited government and
adhere to Article 1, Section 8, otherwise referred to as the enumerated
powers clause of the United States Constitution.

What should Texas do when the federal government continues to encroach upon
states' powers and the liberties provided to We The People of the United
States and of Texas. To date, Governor Perry has operated using only
one-third of the power given to states to oppose federal encroachment -
litigation. In his defense he has dispatched the Attorney General to oppose
many federal encroachments upon liberty to the states and the people, but
surely Governor Perry realizes this is nowhere near enough.

What about the Texas power to nullify unconstitutional federal actions? What
about the people's and the states power to recall elected officials? These
are powerful tools in the arsenal of liberty to prevent government tyranny.
Texans must be granted power to "curtail" elected officials who campaign one
way but govern another. The problem that is creating our national uprising
is fully manifest:

Elected Officials are granted "Permission to Govern" ... Not the "Right to

Reduce Our Dependence upon Federal Funds: More than one-third of the Texas
budget depends upon federal money to operate. Texas is a Sovereign State and
sovereignty depends upon financial independence. The days of sending people
to the US Congress with the objective of "seeing we get our share" is over.
(Did you hear that Kay? If the primary did not convince, then we the people
will!) What happens in Washington impacts Texas! Reckless Spending ...
Earmarks ... Unconstitutional Legislation ... Unconstitutional Usurpation
of Power ... Out of Control Debt ... Reckless Borrowing ... Oppressive
Taxation all diminish the sovereignty of Texas. Mr Perry, it is up to you to
manage Texas ... for Texas ... and only with the resources provided by
Texas. We must all live within our means and this means you Governor Perry.
You are our elected official that we grant permission to govern for one more
term. However, your actions must begin now. You must commit yourself to us
on the following two issues Nullification and Right to Recall now.

Nullification: Nullification is a defensive power to protect the states from
an already encroaching tyrannical federal government. Nullification is the
tool states may use when the Constitution is ignored by those who believe
they have the right to rule. The current Congress and President are Ruling,
not governing! The Judiciary is complicit in that is is legitimizing
unconstitutional rule over we the people. All the federal powers of all
three branches of the federal government are guilty of transgression upon we
the people and this transgression must be terminated immediately. With the
democrats trying to ram health care down the throats of the people of Texas
you must stand up and allow a special session of the Texas legislature to
convene and nullify federal healthcare mandates for Texans. Taxation is
backdated to January 1st of this year and the time to act and protect the
citizens of Texas is now ... NOT NEXT YEAR, but Now! The same holds trues
concerning Cap and Trade, which is nothing more than a taxation scheme
designed to transfer the wealth of Texans into the international pockets of
rogue nations via a tyrannical federal government. We The People are
depending upon you to do what is right concerning Protecting Texas from
Federal Tyranny. Nullifying unconstitutional federal actions are required
by Texas now.

Right to Recall: We Texans must also have the right to recall elected
officials that attempt to rule rather than govern. The will of the
electorate must not be diminished or ignored by forcing the people to rely
only upon an election as the means for our voice to be heard. The right to
recall shall be for all elected positions to state and federal government,
and that includes judges. There can be no exceptions to the recall rule ...
it must apply to all elected officials uniformly.

Governor Perry, you stated that due to the expense involved in calling a
special session you would not do so. However, actions are required this year
in 2010. Here's our proposal for you. If the federal government passes
unconstitutional mandates and/or taxation impacting Texans this year in
2010, you will agree to an "early session" of the legislature to meet at the
end of this year to nullify all actions, including taxation, that will
impact Texans in 2010. There are no other options available to you and us
to stop a tyrannical federal government's oppression of Texas citizens.

We eagerly await your reply,

Michael LeCornec
Restore Our Constitutional Republic;

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