March 03, 2010 -Huck endorses AG Cox -Mi ***Sarah on Leno

Wow, I am headspinning on this.  Who is for FairTax?  And if Hoekstra is of a Romney Camp, it makes me wonder about that? 
We need an AG that will have the backbone to stand up for the Constitution and demand things be set right.  Even more so is the Governor who can direct the AG to do so.  So far, we have seen some of that in AG Cox but not all challenges that are being made, are being made by him.  We are being taxed on gas and getting back 50%.  We are about to be threatened by National healthcare tax and some states have already said not in our State will you.  No candidate has called for it as Governor.  Matter of fact, all we here is nothing.  I would like to get to know who wants to be governor and start putting out some tweets on how you feel at the cutting edge.  Dare ya.  At least blog something? 
 It may be a while before the election, but we have a Country and a State under Siege. Play it out in the Campaigning.  Maybe we can find some Amens along the way.
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We may get a little preview of the 2012 battle between Huck and Mitt  . . . Huck has endorsed Mike Cox in Michigan and Romney has endorsed Pete Hoekstra.

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Romney tries to be everything to everybody. He was a liberal tax-raising governor in Massachusetts and then switch to conservatism to run for president in 2008. Huckabee will kick his butt anytime and would have won had he carried South Carolina.

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Trouble is they are both for big government.  Romney wants to enact the cap & trade with a tax high enough to replace the income tax.  What a shell game that is.
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I agree Glenn - not to early to be working for that! 

I have to say I would vote for Romney over Obama - I would vote for a lot of people before Obama!

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we just need o be sure its between Huck and 'O'...


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I voted for McCaine...after I had said early on that  I just couldn't see being able to do THAT!  I felt the same way about Romney...but, my husband keeps asking:  If it is between OBAMA and Romney...which would you choose?  NOT THAT HARD TO ANSWER.
BB in GA

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ive seen leno maybe 5 times. maybe. But there was NO way I was gonna miss this. None. So yes it was definitely a matchup between her and Romneydroid, and I bet she spanked him big time. But the surprises were these: Lenos crowd was cheering her more than it stayed quiet and her comedy act DIDN'T bomb. I especially liked the moose reminder. All in all, totally worth it. And I would rather be on unemployment than vote for romney.




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