January 15, 2010

"Senator Mike Bishop for Attorney General" sent you a message on Facebook...

I can appreciate the stand of Senator Bishop against the Socialist
insistence of more of our property, money. But how can he fail to include
the Michigan FairTax in his conversation. Does the truth scare you Mike?

I am starting to wonder if maybe we should look for another AG to pick from.
Any Patriots out there interested?


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Matthew Golden sent a message to the members of Senator Mike Bishop for
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Subject: Bishop: No Tax Hike in '11

In the January 13 edition of MIRS, Senate Majority Leader Mike Bishop
commented on the Senate Republicans committment to standing up against any
attempts to raise taxes in the 2011 budget process.

As you remember, the MI Senate GOP was the firewall that prevented tax
increase attempts by Governor Granholm and House Democrats during the 2010
budget process.

For more information on Mike Bishop, or his campaign for Attorney General,
visit http://www.facebook.com/l/e9c67;www.MikeBishop.com. The website
includes abilities to endorse Senator Bishop's candidacy, see the latest
news updates and view multimedia from the campaign trail.


From "Bishop: No Tax Hike in '11," MIRS, January 13, 2010

Senate Majority Leader Mike BISHOP (R-Rochester) today said that his caucus
won't be backing a tax hike in the crafting of the Fiscal Year (FY) 2011
budget, although he expects Gov. Jennifer GRANHOLM to push for one.

That's the position the Senate GOP took and stuck with for FY 2010, but it's
the first time Bishop has reiterated it since the Consensus Revenue
Estimating Conference (CREC) Monday pegged the FY '11 hole at least $1.7
billion (See "At Least $1.725B Hole For FY '11," 1/11/10).

"I expect the Governor will put a tax increase on the table," Bishop told
reporters after session. "But we'll put a viable solution on the table, as

When asked if he backed the Business Leaders of Michigan plan to expand the
sales tax to services, Bishop said he would consider it. But he noted other
groups have ideas, notably the free-market Mackinac Center and the
conservative Heritage Foundation.

MIRS asked Bishop why not raise taxes, since Michiganders have gone from
paying 9.5 percent of their incomes in taxes in 1999 to 7 percent today (See
"Kleine: Hard To Get Through '11 Sans Tax Hike," 1/11/10).

He said that's because people's incomes have "dropped precipitously" and
it's not fair to ask them to pay more taxes.

Bishop's solution will include a number of government reforms Senate
Republicans will pop next week. MIRS has learned there will be education
reforms, including finding efficiencies with Intermediate School Districts
and local government reforms aimed at making consolidation and service
sharing easier. There have been some discussions with the House and Michigan
Republican Party Chair Ron WEISER.

In December, the caucus proposed benefit reforms (See "Senate GOP Pops Own
Health Reforms," 12/22/09). Although Bishop said the reforms will yield
savings for FY '11, he declined to put a price tag on them. He said he
wasn't sure what will pass, but the proposals could provide "enormous

"It depends if members will step out that far," he said.

"It's the kind of reform we haven't talked about -- haven't dared talk
about," Bishop added. "It's about taking ourselves out of the comfort zone
and challenging every aspect of government."

Bishop vowed to be "as transparent as possible" about the reforms. He said
it was about "defining what government is about" and reinventing it.

He did not sign on to Granholm's "grand bargain," saying he doesn't "know
what she intends to do." Bishop said that he and the Governor are talking to
some of the same people.

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