January 15, 2010

Open letter to Sarah Palin on Mike Huckabee~Amy Walker-Alaska

A note posted to Sarah Palin's page on her debut on FOX News!
The response to the tragic crisis in Haiti from Americans from every demographic across our great country, shows why we have been known as a world leader in humanitarian aid. Regardless of our circumstance or where we stand politically with other countries around the world, we are always the first to act and send help when others are in need, especially after a natural disaster that no one could plan for.

I also wanted to take the opportunity to congratulate you on your contract with FOX News as a contributor! I pray you will have tremendous success and blessing as you listen to what GOD would have you do with this awesome opportunity to be another true conservative voice on the airwaves for the people.

You have given a hour to speak with Glenn Beck - a Mormon, an hour to Sean Hannity and Bill O'Reilly - both Catholics. Now that you will be frequenting the FOX News Studios in New York regularly, I hope you will give very serious consideration and effort to giving another colleague on FOX News an hour of your time:
— a fellow brother who shares your faith in CHRIST,
— a fellow conservative values champion and fellow governor,
— Mike Huckabee!

You said to Bill O'Reilly, "I am so appreciative to get to work with you and the other members at FOX News!"
To Glenn Beck, you said, "I don't know of anyone who has the platform or microphone that you have."

Well here is someone and I am glad you will want to work with him!
— He has the number one rated weekend news program on FOX News;
— He has had 10 and half years as a conservative Republican in a overwhelmingly democratic state;
— He balanced the state budget every year he was in office and raised the standard of living for his constituents, lowered taxes, improved the worst roads and education system in the whole country to become some of the very best in the country, all before he left office!
— He has been sagacious in his solid support for human life at all levels, traditional marriage, national defense and sovereignty, our military, veterans and their families, and equitable tax reform.
His name is Mike Huckabee, the friend and colleague, who has many many times said very complementary things on your behalf and defended you, even when everyone including Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, and Bill O'Reilly had nothing good to say about you! Mike Huckabee consistently said you were an asset to the conservative base and the Republican Party. Mike Huckabee said over and over that you were the spark that gave McCain a real shot for the first time. Mike Huckabee also graciously welcomed you to FOX News. Mike Huckabee has repeatedly reached out his hand in friendship to you.

Now that you will more than likely be seeing him at the FOX News studios, it's your turn to return the favor and spend an hour talking with Mike Huckabee. I would say a large majority of your friends are big fans of Mike Huckabee, so it should be naturally easy to accomplish. In fact I'm surprised you haven't done it already.
Please do this ASAP.
GOD Bless you!
Your friend and neighbor in Alaska,
P.S. You have my phone and email so call or drop me a line, when you can. It has been too long since we had a heart to heart chat!
May God Bless the Quest with these two at the helm as one~

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