December 16, 2009

Open Letter to Senator Hutchison~William Ferrill TX Please share


December  14 2009


The Honorable Kay Bailey Hutchison

 United States Senate

Washington, DC 20510


Dear Senator Hutchison,


Like you, I am a native Texan from pioneer stock.  This otherwise open letter is addressed to you because you are my senior senator, you are running for governor, and  I liked  you when we met while  boarding  the AAL flight which  took us to Washington  after your election sixteen years ago.   I might add  that  those I know who know you personally  speak well of you.  I am writing to you because of my deep concern for the constitutional  government,  economy and culture of America, and because  you have one of the one hundred most powerful  elected voices in a nation of over three hundred million.  I am concerned because, like you, I was raised when  history, critical thinking,  English,  math,  science, and the founding documents were still taught in public schools, and universities had not been taken over by Marxists.  I am concerned when  the dumbing down of schools and the planned cutting of life extension Medicare to the last well educated generations is apparently deliberate.    I am concerned that the Federal Reserve has  "loaned" two trillion dollars to some entity and told congress it is none of their business.  Where is your voice in this criminal outrage?  Are you a co sponsor on the bill to  audit the Fed?  If not, why not?    I am concerned that  eco fanatics  have arbitrarily and insanely declared cattle as major polluters, and identified hundreds of trumped up "endangered species".  This is a classic totalitarian platform by which a bureaucrat could one day walk onto our Texas Heritage Ranch and put us out of business.   I  am concerned when the Obama administration describes conservative patriotic Americans as potential terrorists,  while refusing to close the borders or acknowledge the real  terrorists.  Those who disagree with him he called "teabag extremists",   and then he spent  millions  to bring in HAMAS refugees from  Israel  with full  taxpayer support and welfare.  Where is your voice in all of this?   I am concerned that almost every time president Obama, senate leader Reid, or house speaker Pelosi  speak, they either lie or distort the truth.    I am concerned when the CEO of GE, the second largest company in the world, is a close financial advisor to the president, who in turn gives billions of taxpayer dollars to GE and receives around the clock promotional  propaganda from GE owned NBC.   This will not change under Comcast.   Political/business  arrangements like this were once associated with "fascism" in Italy.  In Germany it was called "national socialism" (nazi).  Besides "business as usual" what is it called today in Washington?  Where is your voice?    I am concerned when you express a fondness and affection for Washington D.C..  I can tell you with confidence that growing millions of citizens increasingly regard Washington as a fountainhead of corruption, lies, bribes, and moral cowardice.


Our President, Barack Obama, said that he should be judged by the people surrounding him.   Well, the evidence is in.  He has appointed and is surrounded by self proclaimed socialists, Marxists, communists, and Maoists.  (My apologies to any proud self proclaimed Trotskyites I may be unaware of).  These people are not liberals, and even the term "progressives" is a cover up for what amounts to a Marxist  takeover of the government.  As further evidence, these people are doing what you would expect from a Marxist coup.  They are methodically dismantling our economy and speaking and acting like dictators while appointing unconstitutional czars, bypassing congress, and totally ignoring the constitution.  They are obviously on a deliberate course to destroy the nation before the next election.  Senate Republicans aid and abet this process by debating individual points on the so called Health Care Reform bill which for starters is unconstitutional, illegal, and criminal.  It will destroy health care, (except for you elite who have exempted yourselves),  tax us into oblivion, and violate about 5 of the  first 10 amendments in the Bill of Rights.  Ask any constitutional lawyer.  But then you and Sen. Cornyn  are lawyers.  The majority of Americans know about this bill.  They do not want it amended; they want it killed.  Where is your voice?    In your Texas campaign for Governor, you say that you are a conservative fighting liberals in Washington and you will do everything you can to prevent government takeover of health care.   Not to put too fine a point on it, but if you really think you are opposing liberals rather  than Marxists  and  statists, you may be going to a gunfight with a stick.  In spite of the fact that you and Sen. Cornyn have voted against the constitution  and the will of your constituents in the past (TARP and Hate Crimes) it is not too late to stand up for the constitution .   As a veteran and a Texan I would love to cheer you on in a successful drive to save America and Texas.


One of the reasons  the Texas Farm Bureau AGFUND has endorsed you for  governor is because Rick Perry sneaked off to a Bilderberg meeting of foreign internationalists, came home and spent the next couple of years trying to pave the way to confiscate Texas farms and ranches in order to build the NAFTA Highway.   Furthermore, Spain would benefit by controlling this economy ruining, sovereignty ending monster.    I am convinced that if you run on a platform to stop the NAFTA highway and the collaboration with foreign entities under any of the  stealth names,  and if you pledge to keep taxes low, AND if you commit to producing Article 10 resolutions for Texas which put the federal government on notice that we will not acknowledge or accept any blatantly unconstitutional "laws" coming out of Washington,  then you WILL  be the next Texas Governor.  You might also include your intent to put an honest curriculum back in the public  schools, not just an improved math program. If you cannot do these things, we will have Governor Perry for another four years.  


On the other hand, Senator Hutchison, I believe you could possibly become the first female U.S. President, because there ARE things you could do which might save the nation.   Too often, our candidates run in Texas as conservatives, then go to Washington and operate as loyal national republicans.   After betraying the people's trust by performing like liberal democrats  for the past few years, our republicans then put up John (campaign finance reform/amnesty) McCain as the candidate,  resulting in a Marxist democrat takeover with a SUPER majority.     Why don't you lead the way?  Rally other "conservatives."  ( Dick Cheney says you are a true conservative).  Stop dignifying the fascist takeover instrument called "Health Care Reform" and call it what it is.  Demand an end to this unconstitutional  travesty.  KILL IT.  You have the majority of the American people and the LAW on your side.   Go public with whatever constitutional  conservatives you have.   If you need more leverage than just speaking the truth,  then remind the administration that the president's eligibility for office was never vetted.  He has not even demonstrated that he is an American citizen, much less a natural born one.   This is absolutely the fault of The Republican Party.  Why has he spent  $1.5 million to keep his birth certificate secret?   Tell Obama the republicans are prepared to stand on the capitol steps and wave their birth certificates.    Invite him to your "birthday" party and tell him to either go public or resign.  DO YOU GUYS REALLY THINK YOU HAVE NO LEVERAGE?  You may recall that Sen. Tom Coburn of Oklahoma,  a freshman senator, asked about vetting Obama for eligibility at the appropriate time.   Vice president Cheney took no action.    Where was your voice?   I also read that  Mr. Cheney said the reason why we are in Iraq and Afghanistan is oil.  He has endorsed you for governor, so I am sure you can check these  statements for accuracy.  On the subject of oil:  It is now no secret  that America is sitting on the greatest oil reserves in the world.  Just recently there were multiple articles about the vast Midwest shale oil reserves which we  have the technology to tap.  This alone makes  us energy independent, and the Alaskan reserves at Prudhoe Bay make us the oil richest nation in history.  Ask any oil executive who is not on the Washington payroll.  Meanwhile we live on the edge by playing like we are dependent on arabs  for oil.  So, people lie on TV daily about the need for GE to build inefficient  taxpayer funded windmills because America is out of oil.  (Oh, so that's the connection).   This   brings us back to the Obama Agenda.   In addition to the Health Bill, and Amnesty, there is Cap and Trade.   Any of these three will destroy America as we know it.  The latter has now been fully exposed as an international plan, based on fraudulent climate premises,  to tax America into third world  status leading to a loss of sovereignty .   Ironically, Senator Hutchison, you and I are old enough to remember that the term "conspiracy theorist" was coined to label those who first said there was an international plan to form a one world economy and government at the expense of national sovereignty  and our constitutional government.   However premature, this is a stated goal of those behind the Copenhagen conference, and last year British Prime Minister Brown made an address at Harvard in which he stated that world government is mandatory and independent sovereign nation states must go.    'Wonder why that did not get more publicity.  Maybe if he had been arrested by a local policeman….   Just recently on CNBC an expert was asked for his prognosis  on the weakening dollar.  His reply was that the dollar would weaken and fail, leading to a world financial collapse, a one world economy, one world  government, and a new world order.   Since I only read about this exchange,  I do not know if the CNBC interviewer called him a "conspiracy theorist".


 Senator, if you could lead conservatives to kill the Health Bill, kill Cap and Trade, and stop Amnesty,   you will have saved America for the time being.  These are not just bad bills.  They will bring an end to a free and prosperous America, which is exactly what is intended,  and they are TOTALLY illegal.  Furthermore, a MAJORITY  of viable Americans  know this, and the numbers are growing; hence the rush to FORCE this upon us.  We have fought wars and lost hundreds of thousands of young combatants for LESS  than this.  This is the most dangerous thing and the most dangerous time in this nation's history, and  you are on the cutting edge.   I would love to have your opportunity, but I do not envy you.  I cannot claim to understand the depth of  poisonous treachery and corruption that surrounds you in power mad Washington.  On the other hand, I suspect that you are just insulated enough  that you are unaware of the degree to which fear and righteous indignation are fueling  an intense and seething anger among taxpaying workers and the jobless  toward government.   The anger grows as they watch  their lives and their futures being destroyed by despicable, lying, elitist , corrupt and condescending politicians in Washington, who are assisted by a prostituted media .   By numbers and intensity, this is growing like a Texas thunderhead.   This is why I am certain that  In  spite of the democrat majority, if enough republicans join and publicly expose this  agenda and rebel against these outrageous bills,   the democrats will not be able to pull this off.   Time is on your side if you  STALL.  Next year democrats will begin defecting in spite of the promise of taxpayer money and ACORN election rigging.    ALL of you swore an oath to uphold the constitution, and NOTHING of significance being proposed by this administration is constitutional.    You share the liability.  Kill these bills and  fulfill your sworn oath of office.   Fail, and you will see  the destruction of America happen on your watch.  That will be your legacy.  You can always come home, and to the extent your wealth and connections will allow, struggle with the rest of us under the chaos being wrought by corrupt Washington politicians.  You have a rare  opportunity  to  become  a heroine or to go with the flow and fail both America and Texas . 





William Ferrill

Carrollton, Tx 


CC  Sen. John Cornyn


  1. Re: "Why has he spent $1.5 million to keep his birth certificate secret? "

    He hasn't. He has already posted the official birth certificate of Hawaii, and the facts on it were repeatedly confirmed by the officials in Hawaii (members of a Republican governor's administration).

    The Wall Street Journal commented:

    "Obama has already provided a legal birth certificate demonstrating that he was born in Hawaii. No one has produced any serious evidence to the contrary. Absent such evidence, it is unreasonable to deny that Obama has met the burden of proof. We know that he was born in Honolulu as surely as we know that Bill Clinton was born in Hope, Ark., or George W. Bush in New Haven, Conn."

    Regarding the money allegedly spent to keep the birth certificate secret.

    There was never a lawsuit against him that simply asked for his birth certificate. The lawsuits were to prevent him from being president. All the lawsuits before the election tried to stop the election, and none of them (and I read them all) even asked that he show his birth certificate to the court. That accounts for by far the bulk of the cases. The bulk of the cases after the election were to stop the Electoral College from voting, stop the certification of the election by Congress or stop the Inauguration. I have read most of these cases, and again none asked that Obama show his birth certificate to the court.

    So, the lawsuits were not for the birth certificate, and Obama did not try to hide it because he wasn’t asked to show it.

    In fact, Obama has shown the official birth certificate of Hawaii, the facts on which were twice confirmed by the officials in Hawaii. (

  2. Proof is in the pudding. The copy up for all to see is the same one that up until 1961, was an bit of a con certificate. You could be from anywhere and certify as offical in Hawaii. Therefore, it is with doubt.

    NOt my thought on it though. My contention is that President Obama's real Father on the real birth Certificate is another American. For the sake of Barry's Children, I leave it at that.

  3. Re: "You could be from anywhere and certify as offical in Hawaii."

    Not true. You could not get a certificate of any kind that said "born in Hawaii" if you were not born in Hawaii. Obama's clearly says that he was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, and the two officials (members of a Republican administration) have repeatedly said that this means that Obama was born in Hawaii (

    Note that they do not say "he could have been born in Hawaii," or "this could have been based on a claim by the parents," or "the document could have been amended." It says that the original document MEANS that Obama was born in Hawaii, and there is even a witness who recalls being told of his birth in Hawaii in 1961 (because she wrote of the unusual event of a child being born to a woman named Stanley to her father, also named Stanley)(

  4. According to the SCOTUS, the rejection for reviewing the Original in the Vault, not seen but as you have said, was not provided as asked of Obama. However, the ruling stated that 'unconstitutional misconduct does not provide personal injury and therefore proving the President as being a Citizen does not rise to the level of Jurisprudence to honor complaint.'

    The ruling is what has my crawl. President Obama most likely is American, but for the Court to say that unconstitutional conduct harms no one. Then exactly what does the Oath of Office mean to protect it. That means whenever confronted, not when it pleases the Court to entertain, does it?

  5. Here is a link to an earlier blogg on this subject:

  6. Re: "According to the SCOTUS, the rejection for reviewing the Original in the Vault..."

    The Supreme Court has never ruled on this matter and has dismissed all cases brought before it so far.

    The Certification of Live Birth is the official birth certificate of Hawaii, and it is the only one that Hawaii issues to anyone.

    The Wall Street Journal commented:

    "Obama has already provided a legal birth certificate demonstrating that he was born in Hawaii. No one has produced any serious evidence to the contrary. Absent such evidence, it is unreasonable to deny that Obama has met the burden of proof. We know that he was born in Honolulu as surely as we know that Bill Clinton was born in Hope, Ark., or George W. Bush in New Haven, Conn."

    Re: "President Obama most likely is American."

    Obama is certainly American, having shown legal proof, confirmed by officials, that he was born in Hawaii.


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