December 16, 2009

Levis Add: a call for Revolution*RNC Chair Steele tells Teaparty no to agenda

What an evening.  First off sitting with the Granddaughter, on comes this Levis commercial calling the youth to Arms.
Levi's: OPioneers! - Go Forth campaign -A battle cry for youth of West to take up by Walt Whitman |Bye RINOs
Then along comes evidence of Michael Steele telling Virginia Tea Partiers, that their agenda is not allowed:
Steele tells VA teaparty 2not demand an agenda,but go 4 seat|Good advise after Primary
@ryanobles: Michael Steele to GOP cand. in #VA5th-"If you have another agenda, I'm asking you not to play"-
Dear RNC: No more top down in primaries, period! @MichaelSteele should be fired for his war of words to VA teaparty Constitutional agenda
Only reason 4 @MichaelSteele 2 disk Teaparty is 2 advance his/RINOs Nationalist agenda: either RINOs rule or would prefer dems; or stupid
Libertarian to teaparty to Patriot to Federalist to Pioneers.We don't take no for an answer. need 10 yr plan to Constitutional spending
@RGeorgeDunn, Ten years is too long.
RT @beam_ad: RGD,Ten years is too long.|History teaches that empires don't change overnight, but take a decade or 2 for smooth transition
Patriot Federalist Pioneer,
R. George Dunn
Constitution or bust GOP!

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