November 16, 2009

The Shadow Knows Liberty

We knew from the Soviet Union times, that the Government ran on a secret level and you did as you were told without question if you lived there. 
Here in America, we are entering into such a threshold, if not already there.  Mentioned to someone about running for U.S. Congress and his reaction was, "Why not, then you can be told what to do."
The Supervisor of anything to include the Township and U.S. Congress, in and out, are merely one entity of many with the same delegation, but responsible for conduct with law.  To have an Majority Leader of the Senate take a form into his coffee club and alter it, bringing it to vote without time to read it is treason upon presentation, not to mention Dictoral.  My interests are wrapped within the Representative We have elected.  To deny this is to violate the most valuable treasure a Country can possess, Trust~
The Shadow knows that carbon is an abundant source for life.  It wants to tax it.  The excuse is the USA is using too much.  The Dutch have been using windmills for many centuries.  Can't believe such a thought is true.  Freedom provides for liberty and the pursuit of Happiness~ Oil is the Nectar of Earth
R. George Dunn

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