November 16, 2009

Our War is Communism V. Capitalism, Left V. Right, Righteous V. unrighteous

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R. George Dunn
Ed did not answer.

Sarah's roots are very much Constitutional and Patriotic. Why do you think she got 80% approval? Don't listen to the Left media, but do counter with truth so those lost can see.
Here is our next conservative rallying point for getting the Honorable Constitution Candidates vetted and elected. This is not a political party, it is a grassroots movement where teaparty, 912, Huckabee, Palin, Paul, Constitution, GOP, Dems all can determine if their candidate will conduct their representation in a Constitutionally defined manner. 'Independence Caucus' 'Independence Caucus'
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WE will know who the RINO's are too~
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Ed Leveckis
Ed Leveckis
"Horrible decision, absolutely horrible. It is devastating for so many of us to hear that the Obama Administration decided that the 9/11 terrorist mastermind, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, will be given a criminal trial in New York."

thought under the constitution everyone is entitled to a fair trial....i could be wrong.

(said Sarah supported unconsittutional, could not say how)nevertheless she(Sarah) had no respect for office of governor... can just see her in DC and a hollywood deal comes along..... you betch ya, c'ya.... Read More

she's a farce and conservatives can do much better.
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R. George Dunn
R. George Dunn
Ed, you need to look up. Sarah left the Office of Governor because her new found Power was taking away from her duties, so she handed off to someone who kept the entire same staff, all doing as she mapped otu to do. Tell me Ed. You play Chess?

The Civilian Trial of a War Prisoner provides our enemy, in which our Troops are being killed by every... Read More day, the Platform to Whither the Strength of our convictions, by noticing the dirt and note the Freedom that comes from living under the Constitution, Truly so, then living under the regime of Communism, where we become a number and a cog in a machine meant for dominion of the Masses rather then the Sovereignty of Home.

Congress must stand up and order the Trial of this Terrorist be sent back to the Military where our Security and Freedoms for all on Earth Lie. People don't want to move to America for the jobs. the Free Trade Production tax took care of that item. FairTax PLEASE.  They want to move here for the Freedom and Liberty!

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