November 16, 2009

Re: [SPAM] Judge Carter Orders Obama to Prove Eligibility |Not!~

The liberal website Snopes has not denied that Judge Carter is holding the Hearing.  It is denying that the Birthers have any legal standing by referencing other U.S. Federal District Court Justices.  Something is making this dog bark.
My observance of Obama and the facts out there has me asking a couple of questions, like
when did Obama go to Kenya? 
Who is his Cousin who coupe there? 
Is the fact that Obama looks like his mentor Frank Marshall Davis  mean that the reason for the cover-up of the Birth Certificate has to do with a private matter?   Doesn't Matter. 
The Law of the Land is the Constitution and if we allow one title of it to vary, it all will vary and collapse.  The Birthers are the extension of the present TeaParty expressing their demands for Constitutional spending, and many other power abuses of the Federal Government upon the States and We the People.  In the end, it is better to have 50 small dictators then one big bad master of all.  In other words,, the Birthers are but the crier on the wall asking for Justice to WAKE UP~
The poor are being held back and made to suffer for what, handouts.  In Palestine, we find a multi-generation people of welfare, not knowing anything else.   This makes for lazy conditions of swaller to which imprisons their souls to follow the hand feeding them, no matter how much Truth is shed.  The Far Left knows this and that is why we have dismal failure in our attempt by unconstitutional spending to welfare the poor in America, rather then provide jobs for everyone at a point to which employers will be bidding on your service you provide. 
When President Reagan gave us Free Trade, no thought was given to our Tax Structure.  Knowing that someone knew of this and said nothing upsets me.  Why?  The result was for a generation of manufacturing being siphoned out of the USA by the rich fat cats we have right now.  How is that?  By leaving our Tax structure drawing their revenue from production it put a 23% plus States tax on all goods manufactured in America.  How do you compete with such a handicap. 
22 years ago, some of the most brilliant minds in the world saw this and set out a plan to change the production tax to a consumption tax that would take the handicap off of domestic production and put America back into the manufacturing game.  Did you know that it was our manufacturing that won the World Wars?  Because we were able to out tank them and out gun them, we are Free.  Let us no longer accept the coming leash of communism, but set ourselves free again as America the Beautiful and give a good paying job to anyone who wants to eat and eat well.  Remember the Pilgrims who experimented with socialism, nearly starved to death because of the imbeciles that communism creates.
Here is a new Patriot Group that is missioned to identify candidates that are Constitutional in doing their decision making and identifying those who will betray the Constitution, a Treasonous offence by the way.
If we stand together we will be victorious in re-Founding our Freedom& keeping our Liberties.  Let's here it for State Sovereignty!
R. George Dunn
Sent: Monday, November 16, 2009 6:27 PM
Subject: [SPAM] Judge Carter Orders Obama to Prove Eligibility

I knew I should have checked this out before I sent it out to everyone.  Sorry 'bout that.  Alyce
I thought you might find the following article from interesting:

This Snopes answer is subjective to article in question.  Them and Fact Check are both liberal bias and can't be trusted completely, per last Presidential campaigns.


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