August 26, 2010

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MI FAIRTAX CLARION SENTINEL official newsletter vol. 14
Michigan's Tax Structure is SO BAD ...
that the state of OHIO is aggressively soliciting Michigan's Job Providers to relocate in the Buckeye state, to benefit from Ohio's recently overhauled and reduced tax structure.
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 OHIO sees it! - Why doesn't MICHIGAN?
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 MI FairTax needs voters to win 

Butt Kicked or Kick Butt?

 That is the Question


Looking at what Ohio is doing to attract job providers and how Michigan compares is a real eye opener.  We get our butt kicked as the most expensive state in the region in which to do business... but we should be kicking butt by providing the most attractive tax environment for business and individuals in the U.S.

     The MI FairTax is the solution.  With the great loss of jobs Michigan has endured, jobs are issue No. 1!  No other proposal provides a solution that is sufficiently bold and has an economic impact significant enough to change business location and expansion decisions.

      To date we have seen no tax reform proposal from Virg Bernaro, and while the reduction in tax compliance cost provided by Rick Snyder's tax reform proposal is to be applauded, when compared with Ohio's tax plan, Rick's 6% business income tax and other remaining taxes leaves Michigan very uncompetitive.

       Two years ago the MI FairTax was considered by many politicos as too difficult for explanation in a campaign.  The 2/3 win rate for MI FairTax candidates in the 2010 primary, and strong finish by Pete Hoekstra (who advocated for the MI FairTax in his campaign) have proven otherwise.  In spite of his relatively small campaign expenditure Hoekstra finished second even in the face of heavy negative attack advertisements by the MI Chamber of Commerce, Mike Cox Campaign and an out-of-state issue organization citing Hoekstra's tax on services. 

      Once perceived by some as a political uncertainty, the MI FairTax has become a political asset.  The public, is now sufficiently informed to understand that the MI FairTax is the solution, and they will back candidates that promise to support and enact the Michigan proposal.                                                           
      The MI FairTax has gained more public support than any other statewide issue.  The MI FairTax is non partisan, neither conservative nor liberal, and delivers votes from across the political spectrum to any candidate who advocates it. 

Roger Buchholtz
President, MFTA

MIFairTax, the solution providing Michigan a bright future!

        Remove hidden taxes from goods and services.
Create Michigan JOBS, a magnet for business growth.

Protect everyone from taxation on necessities.
Untax everyone's consumption up to poverty level.

       Guarantee citizens a larger share of their earnings.
        By Working, By Saving, By Investing.

Eliminate the buying and selling of tax favors.
        The cancer which is destroying our state government.

        ONLINETAXREVOLT  277,192 and growing!
        Our goal 1 million strong.




We act as if politicians are movie stars. We consider a politician informed because they hear more about what is going on, usually from sources with an ax to grind.  The politician will never step out on a limb to govern, most politicians are devout followers. The only safe course for them is to follow the results generated by polls. Why do we expect the culture will change when we elect a new representative; because the candidate said it would change?
       The answer is; Change comes from those governed, not the elected few. Change comes because the voters hold candidates feet to the fire, and make them commit to dedicated, defined, and vetted proposals, which independent economic authorities have studied. Change comes from the people, the voters have all the power. This is a fact, and Michigan voters can move mountains. Michigan voters can demand a Michigan FairTax! When people take time to learn about the Michigan FairTax they become advocates for a system that will return JOBS in droves to Michigan. They become supporters of limited state fiscal responsibility in Lansing, placing greater fiscal responsibility in the hands of Michigan citizens. The Michigan FairTax, the Voice Of  Tax Excellence, VOTE!
Ronald ReaganThe government's view of the economy could be summed up in a few short phrases:  If it moves, tax it.  If it keeps moving, regulate it.  And if it stops moving, subsidize it: Ronald Reagan
What do we want? Does Michigan want to rank as the best place, the place where every business wants to set up shop? The place where businesses already in Michigan are the envy of business leaders nationally? Or do we continue trying to buy our way out of this recession/depression with tax dollars most of us do not have? "I will bring/create jobs in Michigan!" an oft heard campaign theme bandied about by those seeking the governor's office.  Unfortunately it usually means, "If I am elected I will give my cronies access to the public trough in the hope it creates a few jobs." The fact that the Michigan Economic Development Corporation both creates and destroys jobs with funds that could be used in other projects, attests to the futility in this approach. How do we as voters know the difference? Have you insisted your candidate support the Michigan FairTax? Remember, many politician's in Michigan oppose the Michigan FairTax, because it would place more than 1000 lobbyists in Lansing on the unemployment line, and completely dry up a lucrative source of campaign cash, all because a FairTax is harder to lobby. Quite simply the FairTax removes the political ability to game the system. So when I hear campaign rhetoric, promises that the candidate has the solution in his pocket, I will trust the FairTax. Politicians do not fight that which benefits them, they fight solutions that take away their power returning it to the people.
Editor in Chief:
Donald S 'Doby' Dobrosky, Sr.
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Michigan Jobs, their creation and retention, are best accomplished with the Michigan FairTax.  That requires voters be informed, and develop the resolve to make the FairTax Michigan law. The ball is in your court, JOBS for your family and friends depend on success. A potential rise in your standard of living should encourage you to get on board financially. The wind is at our back! The Michigan FairTax has the ability to capitalize on voter anger and frustration over the lack of JOBS. Gubernatorial candidates from all parties do not yet understand that the FairTax is the will of the people. This is a battle we must not lose. Now is the time, I encourage you to


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  JOBS to Michigan


 Nov. 2, 2010



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in Lansing?

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