August 23, 2010

@FoxNews Opposes the Egg Recall and Food Safety | DITTO~Cook eggs & have nitch market 'Raw use Egg' 4 sale

Fox News Opposes the Egg Recall and Food Safety
My comment:
It is a fact that eggs have been under the scrutiny of education, thus informing all that eating an raw egg is not safe.  Thus the recall of all these eggs is something beyond reality, a scam of some sort, be it power playing or power grabbing. Crack that shell will ya. Cook your eggs or get a chicken and have a fresh raw egg. GEE!!! Imagine a egg on the shelf with a 10 day shelf life bonus.  Would it cost more? Yup. Would the eggs now dated still be there? Yup and bought to cook. We cannot afford to band-aid chicken little's sky, folks.  We need responsibility and individualism, not more dictation. Freedom from the chain may cause you to get run over by a car, but liberty is worth the gamble.
End Egg recall & label instruction: COOK~
R. George Dunn

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