August 26, 2010

FairTax Under Attack--Help Expose the Liars!

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Our FairTax Campaign and SUPPORTING Candidates -Under Attack!

Dear ,
Washington political campaign machines are now producing slick TV ads distorting the FairTax to blacken the reputations of scores of Congressional candidates who support our issue and even worse, to scare the general public away from the FairTax with deliberate distortions.
No More! We draw the line in the sand right here and right now!
We're starting a FairTax Defense Fund to take on FairTax liars. Our "truth squad" work starts today with your help and there is not a moment to lose!
For all of you who wondered, "WHEN?" here is your answer--"NOW!".
Right now, ads are being prepared, speeches given and campaign communications sent out that distort the FairTax, scare the public and undermine the chances of FairTax supporting candidates.

We've already seen speeches and mailers in Indiana, Ohio and elsewhere. The TV and radio lies are coming. There will be many more unless we act now.

It typically looks like this in a TV or radio ad--"my opponent favors a brand new 23% tax on everything! We can't afford him/her with their new for me instead...".
They leave out that the FairTax eliminates the income tax and FICA payroll tax, that we take home our entire paychecks free of federal withholding or that this legislation can pull trillions of dollars of offshore money into our economy and get every American back to work.
The polite--and political- way to say it is that they are "misleading" voters. I'll call it what it really is--bald-faced lying by cynical campaign operatives and compliant candidates who will do or say anything to get a vote.
With as many as a hundred candidates running on the FairTax this year is our best chance yet to advance our legislation.
But we also face a terrible danger of losing public support if opponent's lies about the FairTax take hold. We can't let that happen.
That's why we've established the FairTax Defense Fund and why I need to ask for your help.


Borrowing from Dickens I might say it is the best of times and the worst of times.

There are more FairTax candidates running than ever before--that's the good news-- but this has inspired highly organized and well-funded attacks on the FairTax across the nation.

We'll use the FAIRTAX DEFENSE FUND, not for PAC activities but for public education where the FairTax is being distorted..
The point being-we'll fight tooth and nail for our issue and against the lies!
When the public knows about the FairTax--like in Georgia--these distortions backfire every time. We have to make sure the public knows about the FairTax in highly visible districts where it is being distorted.
If we don't, no one else will. It's up to us and right now before even more damage is done!
Washington political campaign machines are now producing slick TV ads distorting the FairTax to blacken the reputations of those Congressional candidates who support our issue and even worse, to scare the general public away from the FairTax with deliberate distortions.
Thank the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee for producing and distributing the ads lying about the FairTax.
Thank the Republican Congressional Campaign Committee for telling every FairTax supporting candidate to "cut and run" from the issue!

As usual, the political insiders in Washington--both parties--are working in their own ways to undermine this well-researched and outsider's common sense solution to the worst financial crisis our nation has faced since the Great Depression.

They are working to kill the FairTax at the ballot box and we must now allow that to happen!
We need to shine a spotlight on them and watch them scurry away the same way a roach runs when discovered in the light.
We either make a stand right now and shut down the lies or see few candidates ever run on the issue again-- or even co-sponsor our FairTax legislation once elected.
It's that simple and that important--we stand and fight now or give up the ship.
It takes money to buys ads, put up billboards, travel to press conferences and editorial board meetings and train candidates on how to stand up to the distortions and make them backfire.
This is where the rubber meets the road so I must ask you to donate at least $10.00 today to our FairTax Defense Campaign Fund.
Don't let the FairTax liars get away with it.

Click here to help us defend the FairTax!

We have the political machinery of Washington, D.C. against us but we have the best idea to come along in decades behind us. The public will listen if we get our message out to fellow citizens.
We have you and every other FairTaxer in our corner. We can use this moment to win over thousands, maybe millions, of new supporters who will then support good, strong FairTax Members of Congress.
Or, we can sit back and watch political insiders from both parties dismantle our campaign.
It's up to us--as it always has been. Please contribute generously today.
Thank you for believing and thank you for helping.
Ken Hoagland
PS I will send each contributor a full report on the intelligence we gather in these races and the actions we take. You are going to like seeing us fight--and fight hard--to embarrass the liars and help FairTax candidates.

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