July 09, 2010

@GovMikeHuckabee Hits Back at @Davidfrum |Great Exchange on FairTax, stemcell, etc /my comment

Huckabee Hits Back
at Frum

July 9th, 2010 at 11:59 am FrumForum Editors | 36 Comments |

Midweek, I published a piece on the potential strengths and weaknesses of a second Huckabee candidacy for president. Yesterday, Gov. Huckabee responded with a vigorous emailed defense against three of the questions I raised. With the governor's permission, his rebuttal is posted in full below.
- David Frum

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my comment:
Bruce Bartlett has come out supporting the conservative nationalists we have,, the DC GOP.  David Frum here has stirred his articles in support of these nationalists who own the nicname RINO. Some have come back to the Constitution, but not all.  The reason these good ole boys want to keep the tax system we have is to control for benefit of lobby funds into their cesspool.
The flat tax being pushed by these had Armey and his freedom Works taking FairTax down to hide the fact that Fairtax is not only the preferred tax system, but is the number one priority of the Teaparty Patriots.
Governor Huckabee has been very gracious to Mitt, by not defining his character which ... The Romneys of the world do not want FairTax cause it will hurt their empires they set up when they got Reagan to open up free trade and leave the Federal tax burden on the USA manufacturer with the tax built into the production cost thus giving a 23% handicap to imports.
Thank you David for this Forum and exchange you have honored us with Governor Huckabee, Michael~

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