July 09, 2010

Dretroit Examiner-Video: Obama 'Science' czar admits Cap-and-Trade is about socialism

Video: 'Science' czar admits Cap-and-Trade is about socialism
July 9, 2:45 PMConservative ExaminerRobert Moon
Obama's illegal anti-science czar, John Holdren, is now officially on the record admitting that Obama's cap-and-tax economic suicide plan (devised by major Obama campaign donors like BP) is about nothing more than "spreading the wealth around."
Holdren insists that it really won't annihilate our already teetering economy like everyone says (see here)...it'll just take mountains of wealth away from our economy and give it to those of developing countries (i.e., global redistribution of wealth).
link here to video
my comment:
Are we to the point that enough want socialism that going forward with this tyranny will be done without hesitation?  If so, God Help US~

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