January 26, 2010

SCOTUS Ruling Not About Big Business, About YOU~Dave Funk-Candidate for Congress IA-CD3

Dave Funk for Congress

Having just posted my stance on the SCOTUS ruling earlier this morning I couldn't help but send out a follow-up.  I've been reading all over the web about "SCOTUS Gives Gift to Big Business" or SCOTUS RUINS Half a Century of Campaign Finance or SCOTUS Destroys Democracy.

This is, IN FACT, not the case.  What does the SCOTUS ruling mean and what is the result of the decision?

SCOTUS ruled that corporations had the right to free speech and could (1) run political ads up through the end of elections and (2) run ads specifically targeting candidates.  First, let's get over this leftist-born phenomenon that this implies SCOTUS just murdered democracy.  Corporations include Large Enterprises, Medium Enterprises, Small Businesses and NON-PROFITS!  In fact, this case was about a NON-PROFIT, Citizens United.

Here's why this is not and never was about big business.... read full article here

my comment:
I comment Dave on his boldness to step up to the plate and agree with him, though it took reading his article to do so.  Thank you Dave and good luck in your campaign.
The power of television media is still very strong, but Americans are slowly waking up.  My thoughts on this ruling have been divided.  On the one hand big business has big money and will be intrusive from international input.  On the other hand we have what you have said Dave, freedom to speak out unlimited.  So how do you find the value in the long run?
Our Nation has been incrementally led down the road of communism for many years, Nationalizing the Federal Government by taking powers form the State, to a point where open bribery by law is the rule of the day.  The sleepy people have trusted other Americans to be working for their benefit, when behind closed doors it is the old I, I, I that rules the day.  Elites helping elites.
Today, as this ruling comes out, we have a growing roar from Teaparty Patriots across the country, demanding the Constitution back and for change to the destructive Federal Taxation structure to FairTax, number one plank of the Patriot Movement.  The value of this ruling will be measured based on how much of the American Citizen apathy exists.  If the People do not stop being the shamed into silence Populous and stand up, big business will rule, as they have their portfolio to feed, which does not hold patriotism as important.  Why do you think we lost all our manufacturing jobs in America?  They knew when we went to the free trade policy, that the production tax structure could be evaded by moving their business overseas.  Now that they are there, they do not want to change the tax structure to fairtax to bring their business back.  Too expensive when they are now in the international market so strongly.  They would sooner send USA to third world status then have that expense or headache.
The strength of this ruling is in the freedom of Religion.  Now every pulpit can preach to the ethics of the Political world holding local representatives accountable to the people.  The small business can stand up for the candidate that supports the FairTAx plan.  If the new media continues to grow in effectiveness, this rule change can be the greatest blessing this Nation has had in a long time.  But freedom is not without hard labor to achieve and maintain.  It requires apathy to be a word in history.
Constituitonal conduct and FairTAx please

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