January 25, 2010

ACTION: Obama renews pledge to pass ObamaCare and other vital information


A message to all members of Patriotic Resistance

Monday, January 25th

From the Desk of:
Steve Elliott, Grassfire Nation

Dear Patriot,

After a quick retreat following the Massachusetts Miracle,
President Obama and the Democrats are now renewing their
commitment to pass government-run healthcare.

"I'm not going to walk away," said Obama. Obama's email
blast last week stated that his "determination and resolve
are only stronger."

That is why is it vitally important for citizens to let their
voices be heard. Grassfire Nation is delivering "Healthcare
ballots" to give citizens an opportunity to speak out.
Our message is simple...


In just a few days, we have collected more than 90,000
"Healthcare Ballots" that state:

      "Vote for Government Healthcare and I'll vote you out!"

We have scheduled the first hand-delivery of the first batch
of ballots to begin next Friday.

      Before we finalize the hand-delivery of these ballots, we
      want to give you the opportunity to participate. Please go
      here to schedule complimentary delivery of your "health-
      care ballot" to your two Senators and your Representative:


There is no cost to you, and it takes just moments to submit
your "healthcare ballots."

+ + Ballots must be received by Midnight Thursday

Clearly, the only thing D.C. politicians will listen to is our
votes. This "healthcare ballot" is a way for you to send your
members of Congress a clear message about your vote.

Again, we are planning to begin the hand-delivery of these ballots
next Friday. Please alert your friends, and thanks for taking a stand.

Steve Elliott
Grassfire Nation


With 2010 here and a major task ahead of us all to make an impact in our local communities and States it is imperative that we fill positions that are available nation wide.

We currently have Regional Coordinator, State Director, District Coordinator and Community Coordinator positions available.

To see regional positions available click here and scroll down under the state links

To see the Job Descriptions for any of these positions click here

The requirement is simply someone dedicated, a go getter, some computer experience, networking skills, ability to attend local meetings etc...

Contact Darla Dawald, National Director or Mellie Assist. Natl Dir.
Be sure to see Job Descriptions first before contacting us.

Watchdog Groups

Our Watchdog Groups provide us with a central location to provide research materials, information, plan, and brainstorm for effective ways to deal with the issues. Some times people come in zealous and take a research or group coordinator position only to lose steam or their circumstances change which leaves a void within a vital group.

Currently we are searching for Watchdog Group Coordinators and Researchers. Click on the watchdog logo above to check out the job descriptions and to see an index of watchdog groups.

Senate Schedule and Watchdog Group

Watchdog for Senate

Click Here to see the Senate's Schedule for this week the 25th-30th. 

Have you joined the Resource Library and Action Center?

Resource Library, Action Center
Click on the Logo

The Resource Library index will lead you to Federal documents such as the Constitution, provides valuable links to activist organizations, contact information for all of Congress and Senate, Supreme Court Justices, forms, and other information that is important for any activist in the movement. Please join the resource library today and Take Action!

Get the Official ResistNet Toolbar and stay connected and find it easier to go to the pages you use.

Again, we are planning to begin the hand-delivery of these ballots
next Friday. Please alert your friends, and thanks for taking a stand.


Keep up the fight Patriots! You are the movement! You will be victorious!

Darla Dawald, National Director

Visit Patriotic Resistance at: http://www.resistnet.com/?xg_source=msg_mes_network

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