January 26, 2010

Pop-pop-pop, is that Champagne bottles in Corporate or in the Faith-Based Communities

The positive side of this new Campaign Finance Ruling is it is very clear that Community Faith-based organizations and Pulpits are no longer gagged and can immediately begin their political groups of becoming part of the ever growing Patriot Movement with Righteous Truth as it's focus.  All of our values are wrapped up in the Law our Founding Fathers gave us, to protect the Inalienable Right to be the Children of God.  Thus the demand of Alexander Hamilton on the Justices of the Federal Court spoken to in the Federalist paper #78, ' Justices may hold their office in "Good Behavior" without limit.  That fundamental value of Law as it is or was enacted is the foundation of a Civil Society.  It is the cry of the American People to every sleepy Hamlet, to wake up and demand Constitutional Conduct by every Government official. 

Now that we are free to speak, we are free to unite as a group in support of any representative that holds to this Quest.  By so doing, we will have our Nation back in 2010.  Go to this group Independence Caucus, who have established a system to define who is of Constitutional Character by an excellent vetting Questionnaire http://ourcaucus.com/

By making sure we have a candidate on every single ballot position, we can win this in one election.  All the Representatives are up and 1/3 of the Senate Federally.  Michigan is another story.

Churches will have this Power again.  If we stand up as a Populous, no Corporation dare defy the Truth.  We sill simply not allow them to be Kosher.

Constitutional Conduct and FairTax please

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Paul Begala
Ellen --

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Do you hear that pop-pop-popping sound off in the distance?

The good news is, it ain't gunfire. The bad news is, it's corporate lobbyists and their Republican lapdogs popping champagne corks and dancing on what's left of the Constitution.

They're celebrating the Supreme Court's decision to allow giant corporations to spend unlimited amounts of money to target any member of Congress who dares cross them.

It's no exaggeration to say the very foundation of our democracy will be under attack once the tidal wave of corporate money floods into campaigns on the side of Republican candidates.

Now is no time to throw up your hands. In fact, I say it's time to throw a few elbows.

We will not accept this outrageous Supreme Court decision lying down. That's why I've committed to helping recruit 25,000 new grassroots Democratic members before President Obama's State of the Union Address Wednesday night.

Renew your 2010 Democratic membership from the DCCC at the special rate of $5 and show the world that Democrats support strong, immediate action to block powerful corporate lobbyists from hijacking our democracy.

More than 75% of the DCCC's revenue comes from grassroots supporters like you. So, your support is more important than ever. You're our only hope. We will never be able to match corporate America's billions.

Get this: for less then ten percent of Exxon's 2008 profits, it could spend $10 million on every congressional race in America.

And that's just ten percent of one company's profits for one year. Truly, the right-wing Supreme Court wants to put our Congress, our country, our very freedom on the auction block for the highest corporate bidder. And the far right wing of the Republican Party intends to be wielding the auctioneer's gavel.

The Court's radical decision, overturning decades of settled law going back to Teddy Roosevelt, held that corporations can draw unlimited amounts of money from their general treasuries and spend it on "issue ads" to attack any candidate who challenges them.

Renew your 2010 Democratic membership from the DCCC at the special rate of $5 and show the world that Democrats support strong, immediate action to block powerful corporate lobbyists from hijacking our democracy. 

For example, imagine that AIG executives may now take some of the billions in tax-payer funded bailout funds they received and target with a torrent of attack ads any Democrat who challenges their obscene bonuses.

With absolutely no limit on their ability to spend money, oil companies, big insurance companies and powerful Wall Street banks will easily spend hundreds-of-millions of dollars trying to drown out the voices of the American people.

Make no mistake, our freedom is under fire. Thank goodness it's not from machine guns. But as we say in Texas, a lawyer with a pen can steal more in a minute than a criminal with a gun can steal in a lifetime.

But, we can fight back.

Renew your 2010 Democratic membership from the DCCC at the special rate of $5 and show the world that Democrats support strong, immediate action to block powerful corporate lobbyists from hijacking our democracy.

Thank you,

Paul Begala
Paul Begala

P.S. We need to recruit 25,000 2010 members in the next 48 hours to show the world Democrats are standing up for middle class America against the powerful corporate lobbyists. Renew your 2010 membership today.

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