January 07, 2010

Republican governor candidates offer own economic solutions |Michigan Job solution in comment

Michael Bouchard wants to spur Michigan's economy by giving the construction industry a break.

Call it his answer to "cash for caulkers," the federal stimulus money set aside to promote weatherization projects. Bouchard wants a 12-month delay in assessing property taxes against remodeling jobs

or additions.

"What you have right now is two years or more of property values going down," said Bouchard, the Oakland County sheriff who is among a number of Republicans seeking the GOP nomination for governor.

"People who might have the ability of investing in their businesses and homes are concerned about values continuing to slide," he said. "They see their values going down and their taxes going up. Most people are sitting on their hands and wallets very determinedly."

Bouchard said building permits are down 95 percent since 1995 and the local construction industry has a 33 or 34 percent unemployment rate. full Story here

My comment:

Actually, for those who could afford it, fixing the  shingled roof of a home is wise.  But where this Bouchard plan has a missing step is in the affording of the home.  Jobs created will be a help, but not with those who can afford fixing is shrinking rapidly.  Flint at 32% unemployment, Detroit guessed at 50%, who knows in rural, all the people off the rolls. 
If we could get business back into this State, into this Nation, we would all go back to work making a competitively hiring world.  Imagine what that would be like.  Think it a dream?
When free trade was made policy in the 1980's, our tax structure was designed to take advantage of the book keeping in business.  We should have changed our tax structure to take the tax, which is near all hidden in the price of the product and move it to an equal taxation on foreign goods as well as our own.  Opps.  We lost jobs for how many years and both parties danced the dance of it is ok.  We are now to the pint of collapse, with 50% of the $125.00 per year Countries now near equal.  Do you feel like you did this willingly?  Me neither.  This is the reason for the Teaparties, for the rise of Patriots.
Now Snyder wants to keep the status quo and dance between taxes, raising them each time.  Enough of that.  Sheriff Bouchard wants to start by lowing taxes to those who can afford their homes.  Thats good, but just a Band-Aid.  AG Cox has a plan to reduce taxes and cut services, also an step in the right direction for the budget.  Mr. George I don't know.  Pete Hoekstra is a fan of the National plan to fix the free trade debacle.  He has not come out with a detailed plan, other then to say that if we are going to get business back to Michigan we have to make MI business friendly by getting rid of taxes that chase jobs away. We have to make our business climate as being competitive with the world,(remember Free trade).
The Democrats want to do the swap tax trick as Snyder does too.  They want to move some of the business tax and a 22% surcharge to sales tax and add service to being taxed as a sale.  In doing so they are willing to lower the sales tax to do so, not much.  It has a huge fault.  the Poor are the hardest hit as they will have to pay tax on laundry matts, car care, everything without any offset. 
What everyone in the legislature is saying that the plan that is being pushed which former Representative Fulton Sheen introduced will fix our State.  yet the politics of lobbyists and fear keep them all silent.  What is the plan, the Michigan FairTax plan.
That tax on service has a prebate under FairTax to return any spending tax up to maximum Poverty wage to everyone, working or not.  FairTax also removes the State income Tax and it makes our Michigan jobs climate the best in America!  Sound good?  Well this is just the first Blessing, jobs.  The effect of Michigan FairTax will be sweeping across the nation.  We have been stalling so long on the MIFairTax, that Missouri has copied it and it has been approved by the State House and is going to get approved by the State Senate. 
The sweeping of the Nation will result in the National FairTax Plan, which is Manna number one of the Teaparty and Patriot Groups and Caucus across the USA.  Michigan will lead the Nation back to prosperity by causing the USA to change the tax structure and correct the flawed free trade policy by ending all tax in your paycheck, gross pay without changing one thing. (that is another subject Patriots are working on Constitutional Conduct)
Our competitive edge with the foreign manufacturing will shift dramatically.  We will see a flood of jobs coming back to America, as the companies that left over the past 30 years will come back, no longer evading the Federal Tax system.  There is many pluses to the FairTax plan which you can find at these to sites:  http://mifairtax.org  http://fairtax.org
We don't have time for the Governor race to adjust our tax structure.  Call your Legislators and tell them to call up out of committee the MiFairTax Plan and put it on the ballot for August to give us time to make the conversion on January 1st, 2011.  We the People of Michigan will determine our fate, the fate of keeping our Families here in Michigan, a State We Love.
Constitution & FairTAx Please~ 

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