January 07, 2010

MI-Grand Rapids Press Editorial: A sensible system of taxes |Again, politics as usual, no FairTax

Editorial: A sensible system of taxes

By The Grand Rapids Press Editorial Board

January 06, 2010, 9:00AM
There's been a lot of talk about more cuts to state spending. That will be a necessity as Michigan faces another tough budget year, one when federal stimulus funds will be thinner and the shortfall just as deep. The state will be forced to conserve and restructure once again to live within its means. But tackling spending alone won't be... Full story »
my comment:
Quote, "A better solution is wholesale reform."  This the bottom line to Michigan's fiscal freefall.  Adding more taxation onto the people of Michigan in the form of increasing sales tax by taxing services without any prebate, will attack the poor, who can least afford to fund the overburdened bureaucracy in Lansing.  So what can we do to fix the problem? 
The only cure for Michigan is to end the loss of employment in the State, to design a tax structure that will enhance business, keep what we have and attracting new business without the favoritism now being done.  The point of more revenue dollars being waived to some business and not others is cronyism run amuck.  But if you stop this business offer of tax deferments, the business will leave the State. 
With unemployment in Flint at 32%, Detroit approximately 50%, one can imagine what it is in rural Michigan.  Time to stop the blindeye dodging of the  truth and fix the State before we are in such a mess that we cannot recover for a century.
Now what is astounding is all the people who say that the Michigan FairTax plan will work but it is not politically acceptable?  What is that?  Why is that this plan that is all ready to go, including studies to show it is the way, is still not recognized.  Is it the threat to politicians and their lobbyists.  If so, is that more important then the citizens of Michigan?
This article leans toward the MiFairTax and gives lip service to what is needed, but falls into the trap of not doing anything to fix the problem.  Please, Please, stop this political nonsense and do what is right.  We don't have time to play who can be in charge.  Be in charge and get it done.  FairTax Please!!! http://mifairtax.org

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