January 07, 2010

Rally in Detroit against "Government Motors" on Jan 11. 2010-Nation Wide Tax Day TeaParty #govmotors

Tax Day TeaParty
Rally against "Government Motors" in Detroit

Fellow Patriots,

It would take most of us a while to think about one thing the government does well- with good reason. They don't do many things well. But instead of fixing what they are already responsible for, the political elite decided to get into the car making business. The result? General Motors now has to spend $12,200 in tax dollars just to make a car!

General Motors has so far taken $52.9 BILLION taxpayer dollars since December of 2008. The intended purpose of this funding was "to prevent a significant disruption of the American automotive industry," according to the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO).

This unprecedented distribution of wealth has resulted in government owning 61% of GM equity.

The good folks of Michigan certainly need help. Jobs are in shortage, and paying the bills is becoming increasingly more difficult.

What Michigan needs is a responsible auto industry that can become profitable, self sustainable and efficient in ways that provide more private jobs and economic success.

To make matters worse, the Auto Show in Detroit this weekend will cost an estimated $10 MILLION to put on!!!

Please join us (if you live in the area) in Detroit on Monday, January 11th, to make a peaceful yet clear statement against Government takeover of America.

An official Facebook Event/Group has been set up here.

If you cannot make it, please help is spread the word through Twitter by using the "hashtag" #govmotors to tell your followers about the event.

For Liberty,
-Eric Odom

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