November 25, 2009

YES~~~GOPUSA~ Abolishing the income tax starts here|GO FAIRTAX.ORG Gov. Huckabee !!!

GOPUSA has joined the FairTax Plan!!!
R. George Dunn
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Dear Fellow American,

It's hard to believe just how much damage our own government is doing to our national economy! We're taxing the very things that make our economy grow - work, savings and investment - and we're strangling job growth with complexity and tax compliance costs.

Our tax system even gives foreign producers a price advantage when they sell their products here. We're killing off the "Made in America" label through our self defeating tax system, and this must change.

And that's why Radio Hall-of-Famer Neal Boortz and Governor Mike Huckabee have strongly endorsed the FairTax...and why I'm asking you to join them in taking action now.

There is a solution, right now - The FairTax Bill in Congress. The FairTax Bill eliminates all personal income taxes, the marriage penalty, payroll taxes, capital gains taxes, death taxes, the Alternative Minimum Tax, corporate taxes, and Social Security taxes. It's a retail sales tax collected only on new items which expands the American tax base to bring in illegal immigrants and trillions of dollars now in the underground economy or hidden offshore. It makes the true taxpayer cost of the federal government highly visible, it's simple and fair and allows every American to take home far larger paychecks free of federal withholding. It unleashes our economy to grow - and best, already has 63 Congressional co-sponsors.

But we need your support to pass the FairTax Bill. I know it's a lot to ask you to invest $50 or $100. I am unpaid as a FairTax Director of Communications, and have personally invested $200 in this FairTax National Victory Campaign. By investing $200, I have given at least twice what I am asking you to invest today. But this is the big one. If we get started big, we get started right, and we can do it!

Will you follow this link and make an investment of $50 or $100 in the FairTax today?

Immediate action is critical, because the longer we wait, the worse things will get. Our tax system is broken, and it actually rewards dishonesty. Drug dealers and other criminals pay no taxes, illegal transactions are not taxed, millions of Illegal immigrants pay no taxes but enjoy the fruits of our labors, and those who hide money in offshore banks and investments pay no tax.

Instead, we tax honest, hardworking Americans the most- the very people who work the hardest, save and invest the most money. That's why our economy and our country are failing, and our national debt is doubling and tripling into the trillions upon trillions of dollars. And we cannot allow this to continue.

So will you follow this link to join our campaign today? With your investment of $50 or more right now, we can be on the way to victory.

The FairTax Bill in Congress is just that - fair. Taxes will be collected when anyone and everyone chooses to purchase a new product or service...there is no hiding from these taxes by the dishonest and politically powerful. The FairTax will reduce the tax burden for all honest, hard working Americans and close the IRS. Imagine a world without the IRS and 67,500+ pages of tax code!

That's why we're asking you to join in the campaign today. How much return can you expect for your investment? It is so great you probably cannot even calculate it - go ahead, try. This investment will be the best investment of your life - just think what ridding the nation of everything but a sales tax will do for us, our children, our grandchildren and our beloved nation. So please act now!

Eighty economists, including the Nobel Prize winning economist Dr. Vernon L. Smith have called upon Congress to pass the FairTax Bill. And even Alan Greenspan says a consumption tax, such as the FairTax, "could certainly meet the fundamental criteria of being simple, fair, and pro-growth."

The FairTax will put trillions of dollars into our economy as funds which are in offshore banks and investments in income tax avoidance schemes come home - enough to create an economic boom for a generation or more. But we need your support to overcome the relatively small but privileged class of Washington insiders who profit so richly from the tax code and who have put themselves ahead of the nation.

Your investment of $50 or $100 earns a full year's membership in your FairTax organization. We'll mail your Membership Card out to you right away when you invest. But more importantly, you will be making the best investment of your life - just think what ridding the nation of everything but a sales tax will do for us, for our children, for our grandkids, for our beloved nation.

Thank you in advance for your support.

Urgently yours,

Ken Hoagland
FairTax Director of Communications

P.S. With 63 Congressional co-sponsors of the FairTax Bill now under consideration in the House Ways and Means Committee and the Senate Finance Committee we're on our way, but we have so much more to do. Together we can put our country back on the right track. Please join us in our campaign for the FairTax by making an investment of $50 or more today.



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