November 25, 2009

Where do the Birthers' stand today? Being unconstitutional is not harmful-U.S. Supreme Court

The last I read, the Supreme Court ruled that  unconstitutional conduct is not harmful to bring Complaint, as prescribed in Title III of the U.S. Code of Justice.  The fact that Obama has not shown proof of Citizenship is not a Hoax, to a degree.  It was opened and viewed by one person in Hawaii.  The reason for hiding the certificate may be a personal one, or not, but with such a stir, you would think someone would look, besides one guy.  I think it is personal, myself, but if you want to play on a Little League team, you have to show the original birth Certificate to play.  You would think being President would also qualify for such scrutiny.  Fact is the media never did scrutinize President Obama.
Constitution & FairTax please,
R. George Dunn
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