November 25, 2009

The hacked emails story could turn out to be their "Waterloo" - however....

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The hacked emails story could turn out to be their "Waterloo" - however....
I WOULD NOT POP THE CORK JUST YET. A vast amount of money and political power rests on the global warming hoax. Although wounded, the agenda is not dead. Too many people's paychecks and power ride on this hoax and they will not surrender it easily. By default, these are not honest and honorable people; they are not likely to say "Aw gee shucks, you got us. Here's your money and freedom back!" Right now the very most expensive spin doctors are trying to figure out a way to contain the damage and offer up a few "bad" scientists for public humiliation in the hopes that the greater issue of human caused global warming can still be salvaged in enough form to support the push for global government. Take a close look at the political leadership. They are headed to Copenhagen with their eyes shut, fingers in ears, screaming "I don't see it and I don't hear it and you can't make me!!!" Expect the hysterical fear mongering to go into warp drive in the next few weeks.
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Subject: Global Warming Frauds now hammering on human Health? pathological liars

Here comes the new fraud approach by the Leftist Globalists.  Theyare intent on eliminatingour Constituion and puttingus at the mercy of their Socialist Dictators around the world.  Why?  What benefit is there to be Communist?  None, unless you are the likes of Al Gore, the chief of Liars.
Now the mantra is being pushed by all the old media Leftists.  Now, while still clinging to their global warming lies, they are trying to scare us claiming our health will fail. These guys are pathological liars.
Yes, we need to be good steward of our planet: clean air; green grass; good meat to eat; putting bi-carbonate into coal emmisisions to stop acid rain.  But to say we need to rid ourselves of carbon is as stupid as stupid can be.  Carbon is the essence of life and the more life, the more carbon. 
Just say no to these enemies of America who are intent on taxing the USA into third world oblivia.
R. George Dunn

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