November 27, 2009

What do we have to do to get Truth out~FairTax will buffer coming inflation

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To Mr. Finley of Waco TX,

Your dismissing the FairTax on inflationary matter is missing the big picture.  When free trade was put in place, our federal tax structure was, and still is, centered on including the tax in the cost of the wholesale product cost.  We opened up our closed border to trade thus handicapping U.S. Manufacturing with about a 22% disadvantage.  That resulted in companies like Bain Capital to buy up domestic manufacturing and take the contracts overseas to fill orders, bypassing the IRS Code taxes.  That resulted in huge profit, as the cost of foreign goods sold at USA retail cost afforded those corporate Big Government elites the 22% difference. 
If we move taxation to consumption, that will end all payroll taxes including the SSI, Medicare.  This will provide American workers with a substantial increase in their cashflow.  Also note that the FairTax will equally charge Federal tax on both domestic and foreign goods.  This will be a break even for the American, but will put American manufacturing into a competitive position, thus bringing jobs back to America, BIG TIME!!!
If you include the Re-Founding of the American Constitution, making the Federal Government go by the limited powers, that will eventually lower federal tax to less then State tax.  What the FairTax will result in is more people working, buying more goods, thus creating higher tax revenue.  Combine that with Constitutionalism and you will see the % of tax needed by the Federal Sales tax drop like a rock, further enhancing the American Dream of pursuing prosperity with Liberty and Justice for all.  Imagine employers bidding for workers.  Now that is an inflation we have not had since the inception of the Federal Reserve controlling unemployment numbers. 
If you want to attack inflation, ask why it is that the Federal Reserve is the only National bank in the world Community Banking Organization to not make their books transparent on August 1, 2008.  The BASEL agreement was honored by every nation but the USA.  The international Banking gave USA a one month extension to 9/1/2008.  Bush created the 9/12/2008 crisis bailout plea.  What do we have to do to get truth out?  FairTax is our saving Grace!

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