November 27, 2009

How FairTax will affect the USA

If FairTax is implemented, the cost of American products will drop at least the 22% amount(the amount of hidden federal tax)while imports will have added to it's cost their fair burden of the Federal tax of 23% which is also going on domestic manufacturing.  The greatest gift the FairTax does:
1.  It will make manufacturing in the USA explode creating so many jobs, that employers will be competing for you.
2.  Will make taxation indirect, meaning that if we chose to, we can stop purchasing in protest and get their attention
3.  the FairTax flat plan will eliminate the corruption of lobbyists, to wit: No longer will the Congressman be representing the highest bidder for their campaign warchest. No more loopholes bought and paid for to hide the Rich's income or wealth.
4.  FairTax will enhance recycling reducing waste, by not taxing any used product.  We will only pay tax on something one time and not be taxed two or more times like dividend investors are today.
5.  FairTax will bring back the American Dream to once again be free to pursue Happiness, thus making the USA the beacon of Freedom and Liberty seen by the rest of the world as the Nation to emulate, rather then being jealous of and try to bring down to their pathology.
Ever since the free trade policy was enacted the USA has been slowly drained of it's wealth and technology by the rest of the world.  USA parent companies bought out struggling companies being undermined by the closed border production tax structure.  Companies like Bain Capital would sell off these companies, take the equipment they needed overseas and fill those same contracts with a huge profit of the avoided production tax of 22% that our IRS insists American manufactures pay.  These fat cat types are what is the shadow of DC's constituent and if continue with business as usual, they will run this Country into the ground, then come back and devour what is left.  Don't let this happen. 
Support the FairTax.  It is the only thing that will save us, that and our Refounding of the Constitution.  Read the Constitution as written and go by it.  State Sovereignty is the need along with the FairTAx.
R. George Dunn

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