November 27, 2009

This is America's final Wake Up Call~Is FairTax for or against We the People?

May I remind you that he Federal Congress of elites fear the FairTax?  Imagine the pain for lobbyists when they no longer have the job of buying Congressmen votes to hide their rich clients income and wealth from taxation; imagine, we the people could actually hold a strike from buying to avoid paying taxes, in that the FairTAx is an indirect tax, requiring our choice, making it legal to not pay tax; imagine all the jobs America will get by removing the tax out of Domestic product and equally taxing imports;  imagine how no tax on used goods will vastly improve our stewardship of the earth;  imagine the poor & rich, every legal American getting a credit or check for the sales tax amount on the ceiling level of poverty, whether you work or not;  imagine how those under the table, the criminal factions and the rich with protected wealth will have to pay their fair share of tax;  imagine all the fiscal input to the USA as a tax haven for the world.
The world is relying on the U.S. Dollar for their fiscal stability.  If the American economy is stabilized, it will stabilize the world.  Don't let the tyranny of the Federal Government blind you to the Truth of our current destructive tax structure.  They applaude those who fear the FairTax as it will end their pipe dream of a one world order.  What I fear is for the Washington DC Shadow power creating a diversion to stop We the People from Refounding the Constitution and from changing the tax structure. 
Freedom and liberty come with an indirect tax.  Any method of keeping the income tax is but more of the same with timelines affected only.  We need manufacturing back so there is someone to cater to in Service jobs.  We are running out of people to service. 
 This is America's final wake up call.  Join a teaparty org. near you and let your voices be heard LOUDLY.  Be sure to vote in the 2010 election for the Constitutional candidate:
R. George Dunn

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