November 22, 2009

An Off the Cuff Health Care Plan that is Constitutional

Was inspired to write an idea solution for Health Care below for the USA to provide for change in the Social structure that President Roosevelt began and today's choices are demanding:

One major sticking point is a provision that would allow Americans to buy a federal-run insurance plan if their state allows it. Moderates say they worry the so-called public option will become a huge and costly entitlement program and that other requirements in the bill could cripple businesses. ...


Here is the Solution: 

  • drop the Federal idea and persuade States to institute mandated health insurance coverage for everyone through private Companies. 
  • Open the States to inter-State policy offers if a State so chooses. 
  • Make it mandatory for States to absorb Medicare & Social Security by a certain time period, of course at their option, but with end to Federal coverage.  Suggest the formation of HSA/IRAs beginning at a given date starting  at a given age, dropping them from SSI beginning immediately, to include taxes.
  • Set uniform guidelines for inter-state Medical Services
  • Establish HSA/IRA guidelines for inter-State movement and investment monitoring.   Advise States to provide local banking Institution accounting and saving of HSA/IRA structure responsibility.
  • Establish a cutoff date for Federal Medicaid, coordinating it with a tax cut, allowing for States to raise funds to replace Washington Handout
  • Make Insurance policies so the consumer may keep no matter where the location, eliminating the pre-condition problem.
  • Honor contracts, to wit:  If fully insured, cannot drop for new condition; if clause initialed by consumer that they will be dropped after first treatment of new condition, consumer is self insuring thereafter.
  • Privatize all insurance policies to individuals only making Insurance contracts portable.
  • Suggest State's provide a method of covering the unemployed with continued policy between jobs by splitting cost between past employer and employee.
  • suggest Welfare structure be done to provide for savings incentive in Healthcare by users through the HSA/IRA concept, improving competition and lowering Health Care abuse.
  • Implement the rest of the GOP points at appropriate level of Government.  The Tort reform will save on many insurances employers have, to include workman comp, which should be an employee insurance option.
  • Implement FairTax Resolutions to provide jobs for consumers to be able to afford living as well as insurance.
I just spent a few minutes speaking to the paragraph above, thus very rough.  Sure seems like it is very small compared to 2,000 pages of who knows what?
  Wherever President Bush found the HSA plan, he brought it to life and needs accolades for doing so.
Final point, please start respecting the Constitution and the Sovereignty of the States.  Without it, our future is bleak.
R. George Dunn

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