November 22, 2009

American Free Enterprise is still alive, but on life support. Give it FairTax for a full recovery.

 We need to change our tax structure and give business a green light to come to Michigan and get us our jobs back.  Michigan has the most intelligent, talented employee pool in the world and it is being taxed to literal death, forcing Michiganders to leave this awesome State for other States that know this and have attracted. 
I heard, but not verified yet, that most foreign corporations shipping into America have their parent Corporation in the USA.  The Baine Capital Corporation would buy up struggling companies, sell off assets and take the production contracts overseas to fill orders.  It made a few people rich enough to even try to buy the Presidency.
We in Michigan need both the and implemented.  It will bring jobs back to the Michigan multi-fold.  Imagine a world where employees are in such demand, that employers submit bids for their services.  Now that is an inflation I can wrap my arms around, wages leading the way.  The Federal Reserve use to hold unemployment levels at 5% to keep that from happening.  What was that all about and it makes one wonder what the Federal Reserve is hiding by not opening their book to audit, hm?
The GOP is under the process of being taken over by new management, the Grassroots.  It is time for the Corporate world to serve the people, not the other way.  American Free Enterprise is still alive, but on life support.  Give it FairTax for a full recovery.  Stop abusing the Constitution and empower States back to their Sovereignty.  Freedom kept is much easier then finding Freedom lost.  In reading the Declaration of Independence, our current Wisdom is found lacking.  Help bring the GOP back to the Grassroots, to We the People. 
Stand up for the Constitution
and for FairTax.
in Michigan
R. George Dunn

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