October 04, 2009

Letter to Congress~Bring back the One and only GOD ALMIGHTY

Sent: Sunday, October 04, 2009 3:14 PM
Subject: bring back the one and only GOD ALMIGHTY

A Letter sent to Congress:

Our Thanks to the Senate for voting 83-7 to cut subsidies to ACORN.
Please continue to OPPOSE ALL funding to ACORN. This organization has
proven to be fraught with criminal activity of the worst kind including
voter fraud and enabling tax evasion (which seems to be the anthem of
many in the Obama administration). Not even a single penny should be
funded to further this organization of criminals. All pending funds not
paid out yet should be cut off.
Another organization that misuses government funding for illegal
purposes is Planned Parenthood. Having been caught many times in the
act of enabling the circumvention of State and Federal laws to the
access of illegal abortions, Planned Parenthood should be completely
de-funded and divested of ALL federal funding.
Our American government was formed to be a Constitutional Republic
meaning: governed by the rule of Constitutional Law.
The U.S. Federal Government has slowly been eroding the power and
authority of our most sacred and supreme law: the United States
Constitution. We as a nation have derived our strength and stability
from this GOD given foundation. Organizations who exercise illegal
activities of any kind behind a front of good will and/or
humanitarianism most be stopped immediately and held accountable to U.
S. law.
Any U.S. Congressman, Senator or other elected official who has acted
(and has not been held liable for these acts) or acts in any manner
above or against U. S. law should be stripped of the elected position
and held accountable in the U. S court of law.
The United States is becoming known as a nation of immoral, criminal
law breakers. Our honorable and highly respected heritage and
historical status as a world leader has be torn down and besmirched. We
no longer hold a position of power and respect in the world. With our
radical leftist leader in the White House and many on Capitol Hill, we
are no longer "a Shining City on a Hill," as President Reagan said, but
we are now, smudged and dirtied with scandal, corruption and deceit.
Our light is almost gone.
Margaret Thatcher once said, "I believe that American leadership is
essential. It is critical for America to lead. America is after all
freedom's greatest hope."
I pray that America can regain honor, integrity and truth of character
in it's leadership and therefore become once again the Shining City on
a Hill, who is once again Freedom's greatest hope. But the only way to
do that is to throw out all the crooks and cronies in DC and bring back
the one and only GOD ALMIGHTY as our wisdom, direction, protection and

"Try defining truth without reference to GOD, and see how quickly all
such definitions fail. The moment you begin to ponder the essence of
truth, you are brought face to face with the requirement of a universal
absolute- the reality of GOD. The whole concept of truth instantly
becomes nonsense as soon as people attempt to remove the thought of GOD
from their minds. Every truth claim apart from Him is preposterous." —
Randy Davis

According to Your name, O God, So is Your praise to the ends of the
earth; Your right hand is full of righteousness. —Psalm 48:10


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