October 04, 2009

FairTax National Victory Campaign Fund - More than $250,000 raised!

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Dear FairTax supporter,

We hit $250,000!Your FairTax National Victory Campaign Fund has reached and exceeded our launch goal of $250,000. We hit the mark at 12:19 PM EST today, and I wanted you to know right away! With the help of thousands of FairTax supporters, we were able to meet our goal. The FairTax National Campaign will begin reaching out to all 140,000,000+ voters in every one of the 50 states to sign on with you and me for FairTax Victory. We will be on the internet, telephones and in voters mailboxes all across the country for sure starting in October. We are even trying to work out a television show, which would be a great step forward for your FairTax, and enable us to reach so many more voters effectively. More on that later. In the meantime, please join in our success. If you have not had a chance to contribute to the FairTax National Campaign, please do so now.

Invest Now in Your FairTax National Campaign

It is a lot to ask you to invest, $50 or $100. But this is the big one; this is the drive to win. We get started big, we get started right, and we can do it! If we all pitch in, we will overcome the special interests, the politically privileged class. We will close the IRS; repeal the 16th Amendment, and make our federal taxes fair and equitable forever.

Invest $100 and you not only receive a year's FairTax membership but I will reserve a first-edition, personally signed copy of my upcoming book: The FairTax Solution. It will be published in March of next year, and FairTax.org will mail your copy out to you at no cost if you will invest $100 now in your National FairTax campaign.

Watch your National Campaign Fund grow! Do your part!

Your investment in your FairTax National Victory Campaign will add to our success. I will keep you advised of our progress as your National Campaign develops.

Ken Hoagland
FairTax Director, Volunteer


If you would prefer sending a check or credit card contribution by mail, please download and print our contribution form here

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