July 16, 2009

Essay of Alexis de Tocqueville's 'Democracy in America'

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Causes Which Mitigate Tyranny

In Alexis de Tocqueville book 'Democracy in America', Volume 1 – there is a most interesting segment that deals with the "Causes Which Mitigate  Tyranny".

I want to briefly describe some of his writings concerning this matter as I believe his perspective, views and observations are well founded in reason and understanding.

Alexis begins his commentary and thought by speaking to the difference between "…a centralized government and a centralized administration…"

A centralized government is how the Founders originally set-up this nations Constitution- and rightly so to protect individual freedoms of Life, Liberty and Property while leaving the details to the states and communities to handle the issues that are closest to the people.

The danger speaks Alexis that has potential of happening is the descent of the centralized government into the details of public business; "and if, having regulated the great interests of the country, it could penetrate into the privacy of individual interests, freedom would soon be banished…"


Please read the rest of the Article linked. 

Cannot add to what is said other then to reflect on how it is we have arrived at this cross road.  Purposeful or not, Corporate America has taken advantage of the tax structure by moving their manufacturing to a place free of taxation.  In the process, the value of employment moved to service sector, of less worth.  With the economy leveraged to unbearable inflation moves in cost of living, the 125% mortgages to catch up credit cards in the middle nineties, are now peaking into an forced jobless economy.  My bet is that Alexander Hamilton, being for nationalism, would still be very upset, for he knew well the result of a lawless society. 

The fix to lack of jobs is simple.  Change the tax structure and take away the gravy train of untaxed production coming into the USA and tax it equally with American manufacturing and business in general.  Imagine an adjustment with foreign imports of, 23% or more now that we have opened the floodgate on the Monetary.  Add to that the removal of all direct tax on the citizens, causing an average 35% increase in employee wage for an income of 70 thousand.

If we take this correction the Socialists are offering, we will be as Alexis warned, on the path to submission of our Castle.  Let Freedom Reign.  Say no and do it right.  Free the people from the chains of taxes.  FairTax Please!!! 

R. George Dunn

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