April 10, 2009

Senator Cornyn throws out a gauntlet=Stand Now America!!!=Constitution!!!

Ken Emanuelson sent a message to the members of La Frontera - Watching the
Subject: Cornyn Stands "Ready to Work With Obama" on "Comprehensive"
Immigration Reform

U.S. Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, today released the following statement
commending President Obama for his willingness to address immigration reform
this year.

"I applaud President Obama's commitment to addressing comprehensive
immigration reform this year, and stand ready to work with him to produce a
product that represents the best interests of America, including respect for
the rule of law, national security and economic security.

"Comprehensive, common-sense immigration reform remains a top priority for
me. Any legislation must protect our borders, promote economic prosperity in
Texas and throughout the United States, and be consistent with our American
values of compassion, family, and opportunity."

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If you don't have a border you have no Country

Every day we lose, the harder it will be for 2010. If you build it, they
will come. Borders up and Fair Tax Planned

R. George Dunn

Funny thing having a North American Union. According to the Constitution
which is bind of the Land, we would all have to live under the Sovereignty
it proclaims. Mexico, Canada, and Michigan, and Ohio, and all the equal in
power States would exist. Then shall our borders be lowered, for protecting
this Divine Providence of God's Will, the Constitution, can then be

First, our own Federal Government must cease and desist from violating the
limited power it is granted and surrender all State Sovereignty back to the
States. What better time then when Our Dollar is such.

By the by, the definition of general welfare is that if you give one citizen
a dollar, you had better have enough for everyone.

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