April 10, 2009

Congress to vote on 'Day of Silence'

Subject: Congress to vote on 'Day of Silence'

A pro-family advocate is urging people to voice their concern over a
resolution sitting before Congress.

Congressional Resolution 92 will receive an up-or-down vote on or before
April 17, which is the National Day of Silence -- a day when students across
America are encouraged to show their support for the homosexual community by
refusing to speak.

The resolution seeks to affirm congressional support for the event and
encourage local education authorities to adopt policies that prevent
bullying based on sexual orientation. Laurie Higgins is the director of the
division of school advocacy with the Illinois Family Institute (IFI).

"It requests that the president issue a proclamation calling on the people
of the United States to observe the National Day of Silence with appropriate
ceremonies, programs, and activities," she explains.

Higgins urges concerned citizens to contact their congressmen and strongly
express their concern. The resolution, she argues, is an outrage, and adds
that Congress has no right to take a position on this issue, which is being
pushed by a group known as GLSEN, or the Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education

"GLSEN has particular political goals," Higgins contends. "They go much
farther beyond ending bullying to attempting to transform students' views on
the nature and morality of homosexuality."


This Nation is facing yet another attack on Family values set forth by God!
Imagine if Congress passes a Bill demanding a day of silence to support
inappropriate conduct.

R. George Dunn

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