April 09, 2009

ACORN's Lewis Blisters Michael Steele: "It's Not Nice To Tell Lies"

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ACORN's Lewis Blisters Michael Steele: "It's Not Nice To Tell Lies"

Bertha Lewis, the African American head of the voting rights group ACORN, has twice tried to contact one of ACORN's most relentless critics, Michael Steele, to clear the air.

Just after Steele's election as RNC chair, Lewis tells us, she called and emailed him to congratulate him and to say his election was good for the GOP. Needless to say, Steele didn't respond.

So Lewis is doing the next best thing. In an interview with our reporter Beth Marlowe, she told us what she'd say to Steele if he'd return her calls.

"It's not nice to tell lies," Lewis said she would tell Steele. "It's not nice to distort the facts."

Steele has relentlessly criticized ACORN, a GOP "vote fraud" bogeyman during the 2008 election, calling it a "criminal organization." TPM reports that Steele is now raising money off ACORN, accusing the group in a fundraising letter of plotting to rig the census to solidify Dem control.

Lewis pushed back hard on Steele's attacks. "Don't keep continuing these bogus allegations of "voter fraud,' because it's not true," she said. "It never has been true, you have no proof."...


my comment:

The fear of ACORN being a major player in the Census is widespread.  Why?  Is it voter fraud?  Not really.  It is that fact that the ACORN volunteers are nearly all in campaign support of the Democrat Party and for the Government to fund this organization or accept it as objective enough to trust has everyone on the right up in arms.

Mr. Steele is struggling with his values or shall one say his perceived values.  His proper response to Bertha Lewis should have been one of open meeting and debate.  The new civilian Army of President Obama is recruiting who for it's active full time members and what will be their responsibility?  All this needs to be openly discussed and the light of truth brought on it, to clear the air one way or the other.

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